2013: My First Season/7

My first season as a mountain bike racer.

7 races, so much fun, and one heck of an intro to the world of awesomeness that is The Bike Race.

I did all four XCM races, the last Tour de King, and a dirty enduro.

#1: P2A-Paris to Ancaster (April 14, 2013)  

  • Gravel Race: Point to Point (St. George to Ancaster)
  • Time: 1:53:56
  • 40k
  • 8/37 (category), 104/595 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:41
  • Muddy, so much fun, and life changing. Awesome first race. Every worry, every anxious thought, every stress: pfft. It wasn’t easy, but I conquered it. Plus, I rode up the escarpment!

#2: H2i-Homage to Ice (April 20, 2013)

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM I)
  • Time:  1:54:20
  • 25k.
  • 10/19 (category), 27/51 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:41
  • Cold but fun.  I booked it! At the end of the race, everyone seemed so serious and hardcore. I felt like a wallflower at a Grade Six dance. On the plus side, I won a spot prize.

#3: LSC-Long Sock Classic (May 18, 2013) 

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM II)
  • Time:  2:23:52
  • 32k
  • 14/17 (category), 29/33 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:39
  • Killer course.  There’s a hill on top of a hill–it hurts. My back was killing me for the last 31k of the race. The Ganny seems just too tight and twisty, and I never felt like I got up to speed. It was just a slog. In the last few km, I met a rider who was experiencing similar back pain. We rode together for a while, before I regained some energy.

#4: Northumberland Humbler (July 6, 2013)

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM III)
  • Time:  2:07:33
  • 30k
  • 16/21 (category), 32/49 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:30
  • First MTB race ever in Northumberland Forest.  Such a hot day. The first 20k was long and windy single track. Great course.

#5: Kingston XC Marathon Championship (July 27, 2013)

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM IV)
  • Time:  2:33:53
  • 37k
  • 13/19 (category), 24/40 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:55
  • Long, flat, and bumpy.  HOT day.  Killer course. It seemed to go on forever.

#6:  Paul’s Dirty Enduro   (September 21, 2013) 

  • MTB Race
  • Time:  3:11:05
  • 35k
  • 28/45 (category), 53/125 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 2:00
  • It poured rain for the entire race.  Couldn’t shift due to chain suck. 6k detour.

#7:  Tour de King (September 22, 2013) 

  • MTB Race: point to point
  • Time:  1:54:39
  • 35k.
  • 8/20 (category), 13/46 (overall)
  • Category winning time:  1:30
  • It was freezing.  The day before poured rain, and it snowed on the way to this race. I didn’t have appropriate riding clothes and freaked myself out before even parking the car. However…it was a very fun race.  I had my first flat tire in a race, I fixed it, and I kept going. Hmm.