2014: Year 2/8

2014: Year 2

My second year.  Another four XCM races, the end of an era for Tour of Bronte, and the Lake to Lake 29er (sad face), and eight races in total.

Also, some even more awesomeness on a bike.

 #1:  Tour of Bronte-Dirt Dash (April 5, 2014)

  • MTB Race: 5 laps
  • Time: 1:19:04
  • 25k
  • 10/17 (overall)
  • Winning time: 55:39
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • It was cold, it was WINDY, everyone else was on a 29er, and every pedal stroke was a struggle. I finished.

#2:  H2i (April 12, 2014)

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM I)
  • Time: 1:25:36
  • 20k
  • 11/12 (category), 18/25 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:01:21
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • 1k hike a bike through 12” deep snow, super windy on the long road section, a billion bails in the deep snow that wasn’t groomed for Clydesdales, and a lousy day overall.

#3:  P2A (April 27, 2014)

  • Gravel/MTB Race: point to point (St. George to Ancaster)
  • Time: 2:10:58
  • 40k
  • 6/21 (category), 182/489 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:45: 12
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • Great race! Worst cramp in the history of the world about 100 m from the finish line. I felt strong, and I felt powerful. Learned to carry my bike through the mudslides, and I just rode.

#4: Long Sock Classic (May 17, 2014)

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM II)
  • Time: 2:27:44
  • 35k
  • 19/27 (category), 36/51 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:36:50
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • Nothing memorable. I just rode as hard as I could. Overall a good race. The hill on top of the hill was still a killer.

#5:  Lake to Lake 29er (June 15, 2014)

  • MTB Race: point to point
  • Time: 1:51:04
  • 29k
  • 27/40 (category)
  • 93/208 (overall), Category winning time: 1:10
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • Race started at the bottom of the escarpment (who does this). Flew over my bars at about 6k—killer rib bruise for the next three weeks.   Felt strong throughout, even in the last few windy road km. The pro experience was nice at the end when the announcer called my name as I crested the hill to the finish. Lost my GPS when I bailed. It was returned.

#6:  Northumberland Humbler (July 5, 2014)

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM III)
  • Time: 2:07:32
  • 35k
  • 25/31 (category), 47/65 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:32
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • The first 20k was pretty good. The 6k on the other side of the road was a KILLER. The last 10k seem to last forever.

#7:  Kingston XC Marathon Championship (August 30, 2014)

  • MTB Race (Substance Projects XCM IV)
  • Time: 3:00:34
  • 37k
  • 26/31 (category), 45/50 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 2:01
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • I hate this race. HOT, still bumpy, and so technically demanding. The new addition behind someone’s house was terrifying and I seemed to walk more than ride.   I hate this race.

#8:  Hardwood Single Track Challenge (October 18, 2014)

  • MTB Race (Pulse Racing)
  • Time: 1:49:25
  • 25k
  • 13/26 (category), 39/90 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:30
  • Bike:  Norco Torrent
  • John was taking a whiz and we were still at the car—in the far parking lot—when the race started. By the time I made it to the start, everyone was long gone. I passed 51 riders! In the last 1ok, my legs just kept pedaling, I felt strong and fast. Better, I made it down a killer descent (and the photographer nailed a sweet shot of me when I finally didn’t look like chubbo).  The 2014 Single Track Challenge was the last race of the season, but it felt like my first ACTUAL race.