4. Fat Bracebridge

Boy, fat bike racing is hard. Like, really hard. I did my fourth Fat Bike race on Saturday (February 27), and it did not go well. I’d like to write a boss race report, but I can't.  If I did, it would look like this: Race Report:  Fat Bracebridge:  February 27, 2016) At the beginning of … Continue reading 4. Fat Bracebridge


3. JOYride 150

I spent yesterday at my favourite place in the world—Joyride 150—with some of my favourite people in the world—high school students. No biggie.  Just me and a group of 45 teenagers on a school trip to Joyride 150. Boom. Coolest school excursion. Ever. 45 teenagers, some of whom have never even owned a bike, chose … Continue reading 3. JOYride 150

2. 251 Pounds

251.5 Pounds. Damn. A blog for a mountain bike racer that starts like this can’t be good. I’m writing this blog because a good friend, Dan Marshall of Substance Projects, suggested I write about the challenges of being a working dad trying to fit riding into his life. He said people would relate to me, and it … Continue reading 2. 251 Pounds

1. Kingston Snophy

The third race in 2016. My fourth year racing. My 28th mountain bike race. My fourth time on a fatbike. Ugh. Kingston isn't really that far from Toronto, but when you have to drive there, compete in a bike race, and drive home, in one day, it sure feels like it.  With a start time … Continue reading 1. Kingston Snophy