8. Paris To Ancaster

Every time I read someone else’s riding blog, they seem to be way cooler than mine. Faster riders, with boss experiences, more discipline on a bike, and better results than mine. So, what can I add to the conversation about the Paris to Ancaster race (held on Sunday April 24) that hasn’t already been said by a bunch of … Continue reading 8. Paris To Ancaster


7. Single Speed 101 (H2i)

Single Speed 101.  Also known as "My Lessons on a Single Speed". Gears?  Pfft. Team Colin got schooled at last weekend’s Homage To Ice, the first of four in Dan Marshall’s Substance Projects XC Marathon. It’s my fourth year racing, and it was my fourth time doing the H2i, so I knew exactly what to … Continue reading 7. Single Speed 101 (H2i)