13. Single Track Classic

I’m not superstitious. I’m not even moderately-stitous, but the irony of this blog isn’t lost on me. Blog #13, and it was my worst race ever. Worst. Race. Ever. The Single Track Classic (formerly the Single Track Challenge), presented by Pulse Racing, at Hardwood Hills is a sweet patchwork Hardwood Hill's bestest and awesomest trails, … Continue reading 13. Single Track Classic


12. SS at the LSC

For my Facebook status on the morning of the Long Sock Classic (race #2 in Dan Marshall’s XC Marathon series) I posted this: Ganaraska Forest. Long Sock Classic. Single speed. Rigid fork. Not sure if I'm setting myself up for disappointment, or just a grueling grind of a day, but 20 years from now, I … Continue reading 12. SS at the LSC

11. It’s Tuesday Night!

It's Tuesday, and that means one thing.  King Weekly Series race.  I know I already wrote about the King Weekly Series a few weeks ago, but I want to write about it again because something really awesome happened in the last week.  Ted Anderton (King of Photography, and the man who is responsible for most of … Continue reading 11. It’s Tuesday Night!