16. King City SS

King City SS.  It sounds like the name of a disco group. I raced this week's King Series on my single speed.  It was awesome. After I bought my single speed last year, it waited for me in my garage, lonely and unridden, for almost two months.  Plainly put, I was scared to ride it. … Continue reading 16. King City SS


15. The Humbler

Team Colin raced the Northumberland Humbler yesterday (the third race in the Dan Marshall’s Substance Projects XC Marathon. Team Colin is a bit tired. Team Colin has a sore back. Team Colin is HUMBLED. And it feels awesome! I’m tired because I worked hard and didn’t leave anything on the course. My back is busted … Continue reading 15. The Humbler

14. Angry Face Bike

My Revolver has been pretty angry with me these days. After a lousy performance at the Single Track Classic a few weeks ago due to a worn cassette (yeah, that was the ONLY problem), I needed a repair. So, I replaced the rear cassette and chain. Unfortunately, I also needed the chain rings replaced, which … Continue reading 14. Angry Face Bike