21. Kawartha Lakes

The Kawartha Lakes Cycling Tour And so, at 4:48AM, the day began, not with the cock of a crow (hehe) or the blare of a clock radio, but with the soothing sounds of “Walk In The Forest” courtesy of my Samsung Galaxy, building into a crescendo until I pressed DONE. Why.  The hell.  Was I waking up … Continue reading 21. Kawartha Lakes


20. My Second 100k

Team Colin is officially registered for the Kawartha Lakes Classic 100k ROAD RACE! Yep, a road race. It'll be my first road race, and it'll be awesome. "Hey Colin, you ride a MTB, why a road race?" you may be asking. Well, there's a race, it's on the road, and I have a road bike. … Continue reading 20. My Second 100k

19. Eager Beaver ’16

Graduation I could have titled this blog “That Time I Rode A Hundred K”, because it was my first (metric) century ride. Or, I could have called it “That Time I Rode The Perfect Bike”, because I was on a borrowed bike that was perfect, and sweeter than sweet. But I’m calling it “Graduation” because … Continue reading 19. Eager Beaver ’16

18. Not An Eager Beaver

Dan Marshall’s Substance Projects is having a race on Saturday: The Eager Beaver 100 (with a choice of 160km, 100km, or 50km). Team Colin is not eager. Team Colin is terrified. And I’m going to race it. I’ve given this race a lot of thought. I’ve never ridden 100k. I’ve done a few 50k rides, … Continue reading 18. Not An Eager Beaver