25. A Stolen Ride

I stole a ride yesterday. My in-laws live close to Durham Forest, and we had to bring my daughter there for her cousin’s birthday party. So while my wife visited with her parents, and my son played with his cousin.   What was I to do? Um, ride. That’s what I was to do. So I … Continue reading 25. A Stolen Ride


24. Great Albion Enduro

The Great Albion Enduro. Superfly Racing said they weren't just going to host an enduro race, but a GREAT enduro race.  Sweet. The Superfly website billed it as follows: “…one of Southern Ontario’s most popular riding centres, switch directions on half the trails, add some unique unmarked trails, AND add a chunk of pure singletrack … Continue reading 24. Great Albion Enduro

23. The Kingston XCM

Wohoo, the Kingston XCM/        Oh No, the Kingston XCM I have a love/hate relationship with the Substance Projects/Cycle Solutions XC Marathon Kingston Trophy, held at the MTB Kingston farm. On the HATE side, it’s the furthest race from my home (over two and a half hours drive), the date has fallen on … Continue reading 23. The Kingston XCM

22. Drew Bezanson

Riding With My Pal Drew Bezanson. Yup, THAT Drew Bezanson.  THE Drew Bezanson. I went riding with my pal Drew Bezanson, and my pal Mark Summers, and my pal Noah Summers, and my pal John (and his pal from work), and my pal Ty, and my pal Erin, and all my pals from Joyride 150. … Continue reading 22. Drew Bezanson