News: 1/2 Price @ Joyride 150

Team Colin Day, um, Night @Joyride 150. Wait, what?  Half price at Joyride 150?  Is Team Colin pulling my leg? Nope.  Saturday, December 3, starting at 7:00 PM, it's Team Colin Day (um, night) at Joyride 150. Thinking about going to Joyride 150, but never seem to make it? Been to Joyride 150, but haven't … Continue reading News: 1/2 Price @ Joyride 150


29. Say Cheese

Race Photography 101: Posing for a Race Photographer Your lungs are burning, you’re covered in sweat, there’s a bit of brush stuck to your neck from a miscalculated log-over bail, you’re thirsty, and there may or may not be a bloody gash on your shin. You’re racing. And it is awesome. You crank up a … Continue reading 29. Say Cheese