News: 1/2 Price @ Joyride 150

Team Colin Day, um, Night @Joyride 150.

Wait, what?  Half price at Joyride 150?  Is Team Colin pulling my leg?

Nope.  Saturday, December 3, starting at 7:00 PM, it’s Team Colin Day (um, night) at Joyride 150.

Thinking about going to Joyride 150, but never seem to make it?

Been to Joyride 150, but haven’t been in a while?

Want to train in the warmth of an indoor bike park with your friends?

Heard about the park’s epic XC Loop upgrade and want to try it for yourself (hint:  it’s now a 800 metre flow trail)?

Well, here’s your chance to do it for half of the regular price.

That’s right, it’s Team Colin Day (um, night) at Joyride 150, and park owners, Mark and Leslie Summers are offering half price admission and rentals.

How do you partake in the evening’s festivities?   It’s easy.  On Saturday, December 3, after 7:00 PM, go to Joyride and say “Team Colin”.  Boom.  Half price admission (that’s only $8.50)

Need a rental bike and gear?  “Team Colin”.  Boom.  Half price.

So what’s your excuse?  The park is basically paying for your gas.  All you have to do is get there.

Bring your friends, bring your family.  “Team Colin”. Boom.  They’re all in for half price.

I thought this event would be a fun thing to do.  So often I hear the name Joyride 150, and people say “Oh yeah, I’ve been trying to go” or “I’ve heard about the place, but…” or “Isn’t that place for kids”.  So I figured it would be cool to expose and encourage more XC riders to the park.  When I asked owners Mark and Leslie Summers about a special event, they jumped at the chance.  Half price admission AND half price bike rental.  Sweet.

Joyride 150 is a cycling mecca, and an homage to all things bike.  No kidding, when I park my bikes at night, I point them north/east, towards the blue-signed industrial complex  in Markham that houses over 100,000 square feet of cycling nirvana.  It.  Is.  Awesome.

And now you can see for yourself (or if you’ve already been, you can see once again).

Friends always ask me what Joyride 150 looks like.  I have a standard answer. Remember that dream car you drew as a kid–you know, the one with the huge spoiler, gigantic rear wheels, whale fins, jet propulsion module, missile launcher, flame thrower, and combination slushy maker/pizza oven…oh, and a sweet pinstripe?  Yeah, the coolest car in the world.  Well, Joyride is the bike park equivalent of that car. It’s like someone asked an 8 year old to draw a bike park.  Well, that 8 year old did, and then Mark Summers, and his #1 carpenter, Ty Dawson, built it.  More than that, they work tirelessly to continue to make the park better and better.  In the four years that I’ve been riding there, they constantly improve the features.

It’s not just a BMX park.

It’s not just where olympian mountain bikers sometimes train (yeah, you read that right).

It’s not just a 800 metre flow track.

It’s not just where Red Bull riders spend their off season (like my pal, Drew Bezanson).

It’s not just for kids (although if you have ’em, bring ’em–they’ll love you for it).

It’s a BMX park, covered in jumplines, with a dash skinny goodness, wrapped in a XC rider’s paradise (served with a side of a vert park).

Oh, and it has the coolest BMX (and BMX apparel) store this side of anywhere.  Seriously, the Boiler Room.  You should go.

So, on Saturday, December 3, 2016, won’t you consider joining Team Colin (and his family) and hopefully a bunch of other awesome XC riders, at Joyride 150.  There might be four of us (me, my wife, and my kids), and there might be more, but either way, we’ll be riding, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.

You can check the Team Colin Facebook page for updates and special surprises the evening might have in store.  Here’s a link: Team Colin Facebook page.  I’ve also posted a few FAQs, and the address.

Team Colin Day (um, night) at Joyride 150!






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