31. Frozen Beaver ’16

Brrr.  Nobody likes a frozen beaver--especially the beaver. We're a few days away from the Frozen Beaver, race #3 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Series, presented by Dan Marshall and Substance Projects, along with Cycle Solutions.  Are you registered? I'm not.  BECAUSE I SOLD MY FATBIKE AND IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND AN XL FATBIKE … Continue reading 31. Frozen Beaver ’16


30. Milton Velodrome

I'm still giddy.  Like, seriously, ear to ear, mud eating grin, giddy. Team Colin hit the Milton Velodrome last night.  Man, what an experience. What an awesome, terrifying, scary, big, boss, biking bucket list, experience. I'd wanted to try the track since it's construction was announced over 4 years ago, and finally decided to pull … Continue reading 30. Milton Velodrome