34. Wooly Mammoth

Clydesdale vs Mini Clydesdale vs Wooly Mammoth vs Mini Mammoth This is going to be the shortest blog I've written.  And there's a reason.  The content is BIG. There is a great deal of debate online regarding the TRUE meaning of the Clydesdale category. Here, very officially, and in no way a response to Dan … Continue reading 34. Wooly Mammoth


33. Snumbler ’17

Best fatbike ride ever!  Saturday's Northumberland Snumbler, race #4 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Series, was, by far, the most fun I've ever had on a fatbike.  Ever. Wait, the Frozen Beaver was 10 days ago, and the Snumbler was 3 days ago?  Yup, two fatbike races in two consecutive weekends.  Please don’t pinch me--if … Continue reading 33. Snumbler ’17

32. Frozen Beaver ’17

Race day! My first race of 2017.  My first fatbike race of the season.  My first bike race since October. Race 3 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Series:  The Frozen Beaver, in Dufferin County Forest (just up the road from Mansfield Outdoor Centre).  The race was presented by Substance Projects and Cycle Solutions. What.  A. … Continue reading 32. Frozen Beaver ’17