News: P2A on RFG

P2A-team-colin.jpgIt sure does.

And that’s why I ride…and think about it all day every day…and blog about it.

April is probably my favourite racing month.  No wait, it’s May.  Or maybe June and July.  Of course, August is pretty good too.  So is Septemeber…

You get the picture.  But April holds a special place for me because it’s the anniversary of when I started racing.  5 years ago, I typed “Paris to Ancaster registration” in my web browser.  A few minutes later, I held my breath, closed my eyes, and pressed “SUBMIT”.

To say that my life changed in that instant would be an understatement.

April is around the corner, and so is Paris to Ancaster, so…

So I’m racing.  And for the first time, I’m doing the full distance.  No qualifier at the end of the race, no doubt about whether I could have done the full distance, nothing.

I wrote about my choice to race the full distance this year, and here, in living colour, on the world wide web, is my rationale.  I titled the article “Why YOU Need to Race Paris to Ancaster This Year” but I’m not sure I gave an answer.  I know why I’m doing it this year.  What are YOUR reasons?

Riding Feels Good

This April, I’m racing the Steaming Nostril, Dan Marshall’s Homage to Ice, and of course, Paris to Ancaster.

April is Awesome.


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