39. King Race Series ’17

What are you doing when you get home from work on Tuesday night? If you're a rider, you have four choices: Go for a ride. Relax and watch tv.  Here's Tuesday's television schedule.  If you just clicked that link, you suck. Cut the lawn, do the laundry, or otherwise occupy yourself with household non-bike drudgery. Race! … Continue reading 39. King Race Series ’17


News: DMBA Demo Fest!

What's better than a sweet rip through the forest. Um, nothing,  If you said anything else, you failed. And what's better than riding YOUR bike? Again, nothing.  There is nothing better than riding YOUR bike. However, testing a new bike comes pretty close--especially if you're on the market for a new bike, or if you … Continue reading News: DMBA Demo Fest!

38. Homage to Ice ’17

Single Speed 201. Team Colin went for a big, giant rip in Dufferin County Forest on Saturday, in race #1 of the Substance Projects XC Marathon: The Homage to Ice (presented by Cycle Solutions). And let me tell you this: Homage was paid. Except that I paid homage to everything except ice. Homage to rain … Continue reading 38. Homage to Ice ’17

37. Steaming Nostril ’17

Great Gravel Grindage For the last year, I've been pretty steamed with the Steaming Nostril race--a 45k or 65k gravel romp through the horribly awesome, wickedly gravel, roads, hills, rail trail, and farmer's fields of St. Jacobs. I was angry at the race because it was so horrible last year.  I'm kidding of course, there is … Continue reading 37. Steaming Nostril ’17

36. South Scarborough Loop

Nothing Like a Spring Ride Spring started two weeks ago. Except I don't think Mother Nature got the memo. But I don't care. I don't care because it's not warm, but it's warm enough to get outside. I don't care because the trails are too fragile to ride, but the roads, urban paths, and gravel … Continue reading 36. South Scarborough Loop