43. Long Sock Classic

It Was the WORST of Times.  It Was The BEST of Times Ganaraska Forest. The Substance Projects Long Sock Classic. 70k of Ontario's finest single track. 1,600m of relentless, punishing, climbs. Rocks and roots.  Trees and sand.  Grit and grime. One boss Cannondale Trail SL single speed. And lots and lots of teeny tiny poison ivy sprouts. … Continue reading 43. Long Sock Classic


42. Why YOU Need to Race a Weekly Series.

Wohoo. It's The Middle of the Week! Wait, what? I know what you're thinking: Ugh, it's the middle of the week. Last weekend was so long ago, and next weekend is sooooo far away.  Hump Day...the day before Hump Day...the day after Hump Day... Ugh. That's not what I'm thinking.  I'm thinking: Wohoo, it's the MIDDLE … Continue reading 42. Why YOU Need to Race a Weekly Series.

News: Demo Fest Cancelled

Noooooooo. We're not going to play bikes tomorrow. We're not going to meet a few thousand bike minded people (love that saying) and talk about the greatest thing on earth:  MOUNTAIN BIKING. We're not going to have pancakes in the forest. We're not going to play on Joyride 150's jumps and skinnies, and ride with … Continue reading News: Demo Fest Cancelled

40. P2A 2017

Well, That's That P2A: Canada's Spring Cycling Classic. P2A:  The fifth anniversary of my first bike race ever. P2A:  The cycling equivalent to root canal. Boom!  And so, the day started.  Not with the cock of a crow (hehe) or the gentle chirping of birds outside my bedroom window, but with a BOOM.  A loud, crackling, … Continue reading 40. P2A 2017