News: Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150

It’s Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150

Yup, you read that right.  It’s Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150, and that means HALF PRICE admission at Canada’s biggest and baddest indoor bike park, Joyride 150.

No guff, no strings, no foolin’.

team-colin.jpgHere’s the thing:  Joyride isn’t just a BMX park, and it’s not just for kids.  Sure, if you want to ride a giant vert park and do a back flip, half cab 360, that’s cool, but if you want to ride the LONGEST INDOOR XC TRAIL IN CANADA, or maybe play around on the wickedly cool sport skinnies, or try to gap the beginner (or advanced, or…) jumplines and BE A BETTER RIDER, Joyride 150 is THE place to go.

The trail conditions are ALWAYS perfect, the weather is ALWAYS awesome, and you don’t need to charge your lights if you want to ride after 6PM (like you do once October starts).

It’s Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150, and it’s going to be AWESOME.

Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150

Saturday, November 11


Half price admission and rentals

Yeah, BOOM.  That’s only 9 bucks!  What else can you buy for 9 bucks?   Here is an exhaustive of every item that you can purchase for 9 bucks:

  • a Whopper value meal with a poutine (and a little dessert action)
  • a water bottle for your bike
  • almost a pair of ODI grips
  • a 12″ Canadian Club at Mr. Sub (make it a combo!)
  • any small sized beverage at Starbucks
  • 7 items at the dollar store (and some spare change to boot)
  • a carbon bike frame on Amazon (and some spare change to boot)
  • 2 mystery lego figures
  • a pair socks (or 6 pairs of polyester socks)
  • a Team Colin hat
  • a bag of oranges
  • 6 (or so) iTunes songs
  • 7 American dollars (or so)
  • a tube OR some chain lube OR tire levers (because you always need spare tubes, more lube, and an extra 2 or 10 tire levers)
  • an amaryllis plant for your mom for Christmas
  • Netflix for 24 days
  • a bag of Hickory Sticks and two Slurpees from 7-11 (just don’t buy a Coke Slurpee–ew, gross)
  • this book that comes highly recommended by my son:  The One and Only Ivan
  • admission to Joyride 150 on Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150

That’s pretty much it.  There is literally nothing else in this world you can buy for 9 bucks.

Have you been thinking about going to Joyride 150, but never seem to make it?

Have you been to Joyride 150, but haven’t ridden there in a while?

Have you heard about the park’s epic XC Loop upgrade and want to try it for yourself? Hint:  it’s now an 800 metre flow trail and it is AWESOME.  Check out the new climb.

Well, here’s your chance to do it FOR HALF OF THE REGULAR NIGHTTIME PRICE.

That’s right, it’s Team Colin Day (um, night) at Joyride 150, and park owners, Mark and Leslie Summers are offering half price admission and rentals.

How do you partake in this sweet deal?   Easy.  On Saturday, November 11, after 7:00PM, go to Joyride 150 and say “Team Colin”.  Boom.  Half price admission (that’s only $9.00).

Bring your MTB.  Bring your fatbike.  Bring your CX bike (yeah, seriously).  Bring your BMX.

Need a rental bike and gear?  No problem. Say “Team Colin”.  Boom.  Half price.

Seriously, what’s your excuse?  The regular nighttime price is already almost half of the regular daytime price.  When you cut that price in half, the park is basically paying you to ride (or at least paying for your gas).  All you have to do is get there.

Bring your friends.  Say “Team Colin”. Boom.  Half price.

Bring your family.  Say “Team Colin”. Boom.  Half price.

Bring your dog.  Say “Team Colin”…really, you want to bring your dog. Why would you want to bring your dog?

If you didn’t make it to the first Team Colin Day, Um, Night @ Joyride 150, you missed out. Red Bull rider Drew Bezanson even made it!  Yeah, THAT Drew Bezanson.  Red Bull, DK Bikes…  Dude is even in the Canadian Tire Flyer.

If you didn’t make it to the second Team Colin Day, Um, Night @ Joyride 150, you missed out even bigger.  Dan Marshall was there.  Jamie Davies and Evolutions Cycles were there.  Carl, Cass, Raf, Fatbikes in Ontario, and a bunch of other cool kids were there.  Even my wife and kids were there.

I often hear XC riders talking about Joyride 150.  They say “Oh yeah, I’ve been trying to go” or “I’ve heard about the place, but…” or “Isn’t that place for kids”.  So I figured it would be cool to expose and encourage more XC riders to the park.  For those who don’t know, Joyride 150 is a cycling mecca, and an homage to all things bike.  With over 100,000 square feet of cycling nirvana.  It.  Is.  Awesome.

Just ask Steve Shikaze.  I met him and his family there last year.

And now you can see for yourself–for half price.

While you’re there, you can check out the coolest BMX (and BMX apparel) store this side of anywhere.  The Boiler Room.  Awesome BMX-ey stuff, and super cool bike clothes.

So, on Saturday, November 11, you pretty much HAVE to come to Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150.  There might only be four of us (like there were the first time), but we’ll be playing bikes, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.

Oh, and as an added bonus, my students will be spinning some sweet DJ sounds for us to get our groove on while we ride.

You can check the Team Colin Facebook page for updates and special surprises the evening might have in store.  Here’s a link: Team Colin Facebook page.  I’ve also posted a few FAQs, and the address.

Team Colin Day (um, Night) at Joyride 150!

Oh, if you’re new, don’t forget to complete the online waiver before you go.  It’ll speed up the process.

Write it on your calendar, send yourself a reminder text, do whatever you have to do to make it to Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150.




PS.  If you follow my blog, you might remember the Team Colin Epic Boom Prize Fundemic from last year.  It’s back again in 2017, it’ll be bigger and better than last year, and it might even be ready for Team Colin Day (um, Night).  The total amount of cycling swag won last year was approximately a billion dollars (give or take).


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