8 Weeks: Week 1

I Want Treats!


Well, it’s not an auspicious start.

It’s Saturday, and I haven’t earned a sticker yet.

Not once in 6 days.

I rode twice this week, was pretty active, did a few minutes of core each night, and had a good start to each day with a with a smoothie, some Omega 3, and vitamins D and C, but that’s it.  Food wise, I was a mess.

Week 1 Recap:

  • Sunday.  Oh, c’mon.  My meals were good, but I had a few snacks, and too much cheese. I thought I’d at least get off to a good start.  It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t what I envisioned.  No sticker.
  • Monday.  Seriously, is this the way it’s going to be?  My meals were pretty good, but a friend offered a Rice Krispie treat at lunch, and I succumbed–on day 2! Then, I took my kids shopping at Costco after school, and had a hot dog, half a turkey provolone sandwich, and a giant iced tea.  I also ate a chocolate that I hid (but not really that well) in the basement.  No sticker.
  • Tuesday.   I bought chocolate covered apples at Costco yesterday, so that’s not good.  I mean, the apples were good–great actually–but eating AN ENTIRE CHOCOLATE COVERED APPLE is not good.  So very not good. I went for a nighttime rip at Joyride, but still…  No sticker.  Not even close to a sticker.
  • Wednesday.  Happy Valentines Day!  A few chocolates at school, a big lunch, some more chocolate covered apple, and a late evening visit from my baker pal (who brought over some Valentine’s cake).  This is futile.  I’m proclaiming Day 4 a total bust.  Sticker?  Pfft, whatever.
  • Thursday. Okay, not bad.  Great breakfast, good meals, an awesome rip at Joyride, and no snacks.  Who am I kidding.  My meals were okay (except for the half can of  Coke I had at lunch), but I still had a chocolate covered apple from Costco.  Sonofa…  Why did I buy four chocolate covered apples?  Oh yeah, they were two for five bucks.  They were also caramel covered, chocolatey dreams.  With nuts!  I should give myself a giant sticker–and glue it to over my mouth.  No sticker today.
  • Friday.  Well now this is just getting embarrassing.  I’m not even a drinker, but for some reason, I found myself in a group of six old friends at lunch, at a hip Italian joint on College Street, and I felt like a drink.  Maybe it was the endorphins.  I don’t know.  I never even LOOK at the drink menu, but I guess the universe wanted to play too, so it whispered in my ear “Hey Colin, why don’t you open up that nondescript looking tri-fold paper that says ‘drinks’”. They all looked so good and so Italian, so I ordered a fruity concoction with Prosecco and chinotto.  It was really good, so I said to the server “Surprise me with something else fruity and sweet”.  I cannot stress this enough, I have not ordered a drink (pop, juice, or otherwise) at a restaurant in I-don’t-know-how-long.  And if that’s not bad enough, when we were leaving the table, I finished my friend’s drink.  She only drank half, so what was I to do?  Oh, and it was probably a bad move to share lunches with my wife.  She ordered a pizza, and I ordered a chicken sandwich.  We were going to each eat half.  I pretty much ate most of BOTH MEALS.  And yes, my other friend didn’t finish her fries, so I helped her with that too.  This wasn’t a face palm of a day, this was a face slap.  Not even in the same universe as a sticker.
  • Saturday.  It’s 11AM.  I had a good breakfast, and I KNOW/HOPE this is going to be my day.  Honestly though, this shaming thing is going to be a challenge. Fingers crossed, today is the day I get a sticker. However, with 12 or 13 more hours of temptation, it’s anyone’s guess.  Update @ 11:10 PM: I only ate home-prepared food, didn’t succumb to snacks, and I nailed an hour sprint at Joyride 150.  My first sticker!  Kaboom.

Here’s my inspiration.  I want to look like this guy:


By the way, “this guy” is me.  It’s the 2016 Eager Beaver.  Mid season.  It’s within my reach, I just have to find the will power.  Sigh.


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