8 Weeks: Week 2

What Have I Done?

It was all easy peasy at the start of week 2.

Until I got up.

My daughter wanted bacon.  Aw, dang it.

Week 2 Recap:

  • Sunday.  Bacon.  ‘Nuff said.  Okay, there’s more to be said for today.  Two things in fact.  First, I’m really glad I established a “sticker or not” system, because I can see myself justifying a LOT of transgressions and cheats with by saying “Okay, I ate well most of the day, so I’ll just have this little…” and then giving myself 3/5ths of a star.  Pushing myself to refrain from EVERYTHING is the ticket.  Second, grocery shopping when you’re trying to follow rules is really really really REALLY hard.  From the sweet pre-packaged snack treats beside the produce section, to the cinnamon buns beside the bread, it was so tough, and it only got worse as we picked our way into the bowels of the store:  cheese, cheese, and more cheese; that damn aisle with the “granola” bars; the bloody ice cream and other frozen treats when I just wanted a bag of wild frozen blueberries; THE CHIPS (oh god, the chips), and that guy at the back of the store, packing the open freezer section.  He’s a giant bastard. I only picked up a Caramilk shake to see the sugar content. I was just curious.  I honestly wouldn’t think of buying it (even though it was only a buck) BECAUSE I’M LACTOSE INTOLERANT.  “Dude, those are the best.  Like, seriously, the best” (and he actually drooled).  Spoiler alert: I bought it (but only had one drink).  Strength Colin.  Strength.  It’s going to be a long week.  One mouthful of what I can only call a milky nectar of the gods and…no sticker.
  • Monday.  Happy Family Day.  Crap.  We’re off today, and we’re going to do fun stuff.  That means being out of the house and needing snacks and such.  However…so far so good.  We went skating this afternoon, and instead of grabbing fast food on the way there, or back, we made a few sandwiches before leaving, and I packed fruit for after.  This is nothing new because we usually eat pretty good as a family, but without the incentive of a sticker, I might have packed a few treats, and I definitely would have stopped at Second Cup on the way home for a vanilla bean latte.  Also, if I didn’t have to shame myself for all of my bad food choices, McDonald’s might have had a visit from Team Colin et al on the drive home.  Not gonna lie though, it’s hard at this time of day.  Actually, I’m blogging right now (it’s 5:30) so that I won’t be tempted to eat another one of those damn apples (that are still in the fridge), or have a different bad snack.  Or any snack–one of my commitments to myself was that I wouldn’t snack before supper.  Dang, it shouldn’t be this hard, but it is.  Update @ 10:54 PM:  We met my brother for dinner at a restaurant.  I’m not terribly concerned by what I ate, because I didn’t grossly overeat (just pizza, and I drank water), but we had Dairy Queen on the way home (what, my nephews are 7 years old) and I ordered a banana split (only 510 calories…).  However, I just got home from Joyride 150, so there was at least 45 minutes of sustained activity.  No snacks today, but the banana split ate my sticker.
  • Tuesday.  Pretty much everything today, with the exception of the dumplings at supper, was prepared at home.  Breakfast: spinach/blueberry/almond smoothie (300 calories); english muffin with peanut butter and jam (400 calories).  Lunch:  chicken, proscuitto, cheese wrap (700 calories); salad with misc. veggies, feta cheese, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and dressing (500 calories), 1/2 cup pineapple (60 calories).  Dinner:  6 x chicken dumplings (300 calories); 1 cup boiled potato (200 calories); 1 cup steamed broccoli (100 calories).  Snack: 1/2 cup of granola with minimal almond milk (250 calories); 2 tbsp peanut butter (160 calories).  That’s 3,000 calories (depending on whether my calorie count, the math, and my serving size is accurate) and I’m damn hungry this evening.  I’m close to hangry.  Forget that, I’m really really hangry.  But…I didn’t have a cookie with my kids after school (and instead had a cup of almond milk), I refrained from eating a packet of gummies that someone left on my desk at work (with a sweet card, noice), and I cut two remaining caramel/chocolate covered apples for my students–and didn’t eat a crumb.  So, the peanut butter snack wasn’t a great choice, I wish I didn’t need that small bowl of cereal to make me feel less empty a few hours ago, and I’m going to bed hungry (make that hangry), but I’m calling today a success, regardless of the fact that snacking on 2 tbsp of peanut butter mean NO STICKER.  Sigh.
  • Wednesday. GIVE ME MY STICKER!!!  Yeah baby.  Boom.  No treats today.  Okay, so I might have messed up a teeny tiny bit today when I was walking through the Drama studio at lunch and a student had a cup of wedge fries from Tim Horton’s.  I may or may not (I totally did) have taken a wedge from the cup, but it was only out of habit, and my firm belief that stolen fries are the best fries.  However, wedge fries are baked, and it was a mistake, so I’m allowing myself a mulligan.  Wait, I also had a molasses sandwich after supper (which was a healthy serving of broccoli-chicken risotto), and that’s not great, but it’s not that bad either.  Aw dang.  When I say it now, maybe I shouldn’t get a sticker.  Really, I just did an hour sprint at Joyride 150, and I’m nursing an almond milk as a treat…forget it, no sticker.  There’s always Thursday… Dang, I was so close.
  • Thursday.  I refrained from a purloined fry today, I doled-out Tootsie Rolls to my Grade Nine class and didn’t partake, and I ignored the call of chips (oh, the call of the chip)…but then we went to A&W for dinner and I ate two Mama burgers and a poutine.  Now….that was a meal, and technically, meals aren’t verboten (even when they include poutine), however, even though the meal totalled about 1,400 calories (regular-size diet root beer, and only had ketchup on my burgers), I think it was an UNwise choice, and I was pretty clear about not eating crap food.  How-other-ever, if I add the 700 calories from breakfast, and about 800 calories from a naked burrito (Which.  Was.  AWESOME.) at lunch, and my actual intake was good for the day, but the real win of the day was NO SNACKS.  I had reasonable lapse at dinner, which isn’t great, but if I occasionally partake in the grease of the gods with my kids, that’s sort-of-kinda okay. Almost a second sticker, but not quite.picard-facepalm
  • Friday.  Usual breakfast, no mid morning snack, soulvalaki for lunch (with potato and rice and garlic bread and salad and lots and lots of dressing), no after school snack, and leftover soulvalaki for dinner (with potato and…).  Not bad.  I took my kids for a walk to meet my wife at Starbucks after work, and had a Decaf Grande Vanilla Bean Latte with almond milk and only 1 squirt of vanilla stuff (say that fast twice), which I’m not sure counts as a snack, but it doesn’t matter because my kids each had a small hot chocolate (with almond milk and only only 1 squirt of chocolate stuff instead of 3) a because Starbucks wants to slowly kill its customers, they had whipped cream on top, and I may or may not have (I totally did) said to the barista “You know what goes with a vanilla bean latte…”.  Scccccchlorrrrp, and just like that, in a moment of whipped cream spackling my nose, another day of NO sticker.
  • Saturday10:30 AM.  I just had a realization.  Looking back at my bad foodness this week, I saw something.  Monday night at Pizza Nova ($100), plus dessert at Dairy Queen ($25), Thursday afternoon at southwest place ($10), the same evening at A&W ($50), and last night at Starbucks ($24).  That’s over 200 bucks on crap.  Um, I could buy new tires with that amount of dough…or pay for a race series…or get new cycling shoes or a helmet.  Or I could buy something nice for my family.  I could do that too.  But new tires…  I’m kidding about most of that, but I’m not kidding about the amount.  $210 is a lot of money no matter what way you slice it.  10:30 PM.  I just got back from Joyride 150.  I met a buddy and we mostly talked, so it wasn’t really a workout, but I did a few XC laps, and a bunch of pumptrack laps and jumplines with my son.  I had a pretty good food day.  I had a rare craving for cereal at breakfast (and no smoothy, which made me caveman hungry until lunch, but I didn’t snack.  I had leftover Greek food from Friday for lunch, and a molasses sandwich for snack about an hour later (because just because), and chicken wraps (chicken, lettuce and tomato, cheese, and a bit of dressing), and that’s it.  I was caveman hungry again (honestly, I think I was pretty much the whole bloody day) when I got home a few minutes ago, so I had about a cup of granola with some almond milk. I’m satisfied.  That’s a sticker for the day!

So week 2 was a bust.  Overall, I ate pretty well, and really, I refrained from my usual snacking, but I just couldn’t manage to keep my hands of the good stuff completely.  I’m glad I did the sticker thing.  It’s making me think ABOUT EVERYTHING:  calories, the impact of even the tiniest transgression, the amount I spend eating out, and the list goes on.  The week was a total win in terms of making a pretty big change to the way I eat, but I’m still succumbing almost every day.  In the end, I’ craving a bit less, and staying true to the intent of these weeks, but damn, I just want a chocolate bar.  And chips, I want chips.  And for the love of god, is it too much to ask for MORE of everything?

Race Season starts in 6 weeks.

  • Weekly sticker tally:  1 
  • Joyride X 3
  • Morning vitamins and evening core:  Check

PS.  Something to add to this conversation?  Want to tell me about your struggles and challenges refraining from the good stuff?  Post a comment or send an email to: teamcolinblog@yahoo.com

Also, the response to these posts have been amazing.  I’ve been getting comments from everyone, everywhere (literally, around the world).  Clearly, the struggle is real.


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