8 Weeks: Week 5

Uh Oh, It’s March Break

Week 5 started with a BANG.  We planned to go away for the break, so I hadn’t thought much about the Substance Projects/Cannondale/Hardwood Fatbike Race, but my daughter was sick, and we found ourselves housebound.  So, I activated my usual policy about bike races: If there’s a race, and I can do it, I do it. So, I did it.

As I said in last weeks update, I hadn’t even been on a fatbike in over 13 months.  Worse, I’d be riding a loaner bike (from Dan Marshall) that I’d pick-up the morning of the race.  Even worse, with Daylight Savings Time, it would men waking up at 5AM.

Pfft.  Whatever, it was all just fine point.  I was going to spend Sunday morning shredding, and that is so very cool.

However, I was worried about the week because of March Break, and my schedule was going to be off.  I hoped for the best.

Week 5 Recap:

  • Sunday.  Ugh.  Up before the crack of dawn, and it was tough to leave my family.  Each of them were snuggled in their respective beds, and I was blending a smoothie…making sure I had pedals for my borrowed bike…packing a lunch (chicken/proscuitto sandwich plus a few fruits)…packing gear…making toast…re-packing gear…choosing the appropriate gloves…filling water bottles…rethinking my glove choice and packing other gloves…making toast…re-rethinking my glove choice and bringing EVERY GLOVE I OWN…  You know, race prep stuff. team-colin.jpgThe race was AWESOME.  It was only a short 18k rip, but it took a lot out of me, mostly because of the cold and the ungodly wake-up time.  I placed 8/12 in my category, and exactly half place overall. I felt great. To be able to train and prep for zero hours, and just rip on a borrowed bike was pretty sweet.  Here’s a link to the race blog post:  Hardwood Fatbike Race.  However, the wheels totally fell off the bus when I stopped for supper on the way home.  I met a few race pals at the Flashback Diner in Barrie. It was 4 o’clock, and I wanted EVERYTHING on the menu, so I ordered 2 pancakes, an open faced roast beef sandwich with fries, and water.  So there goes my sticker… And then, when I got home, it went from bad to catastrophic. I decided to start my Paleo Diet. No, not the actual diet, but the diet when you’re caveman hungry and you eat every available morsel of food (or otherwise) in sight:  a slice of carrot cake, some fruit, a chocolate, some juice, another slice of carrot cake, a piece of pie (yes, cake and cake AND pie, and yes, I’m so embarrassed) some potatoes, a bit of salad, and honesty I forget what else–probably some more cake. It was bad.  Like, really really bad. With a crazy meal schedule, I just felt so hungry and gluttony. Add the (very short) race, and I had the perfect excuse. I knew listing my food on my blog had the potential for humiliation, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. I’m not proud, and I don’t feel good about it.
  • Monday.  I was back on track!  Good breakfast, good lunch, good dinner, no snacks, and Joyride laps.  Boom.
  • Tuesday-Saturday.  I figured I’d summarize the rest of the week as a whole.  It’s deep into the fifth week, and this is getting so much easier.  I still falter (all too frequently), but it’s small transgressions instead of habitual eating.  Sure, Sunday was a bust, but that was the aberration, not the norm, and as much as I hate to say it, prior to this 8 Weeks program, it was totally the norm.  Tuesday to Saturday was good, good, good, bad, and okay.

So, here’s what I did bad this week:

  • Got to bed too late most nights.
  • Ordered three hamburgers (ketchup only, no cheese) at Mcdonalds…okay, fine, they were double hamburgers.
  • Bought a small bag of raspberry licorice when we were shopping–and ate it in one afternoon.
  • Ate a small piece of carrot cake with my kids.
  • Had half of a dark chocolate mint chocolate bar with my family.
  • Went to Lone Star and gorged myself (like, literally, GORGED MYSELF) on chips and salsa, Fajitas (pronounced fa-yitas,), and three Shirley Temples.

But here’s what I did well:

  • Raced on Saturday, did laps at Joyride three nights, and rode to Oshawa on Saturday (yeah, 5 days of riding).
  • Ordered ONE naked burrito at Mucho Burrito.
  • When we went to McDonalds for what I’m dubbing “double hamburger embarrassment” my family and I shared 1 drink and 1 fries.
  • Ate lots of fruit and veg, and drank lots of water (no change there–I always drink lots of water).
  • I’m making some solid decisions.  On days when we’re away from home and can’t avoid eating out, I have been eating less, eating better, and eating smarter.  Better, on days that we’re out and CAN make it home, we GO home instead of eating pizza or subs or something else tasty and BAD.  Oh, and naked burritos are awesome!
  • We were really active this week.  I rode a bunch, we hiked, and skated, and played hockey and tennis. Joyride gear, a road bike, skates, and a gym bag full of clothes…awesome week.

    28938724_10214742486451629_1012847568_o (1)
    My Joyride gear, skates, a road bike, and a gym bag with too many changes of clothing.

So it only took 4 weeks to nail some better habits.  Hm.

And here’s the best part, I now have a new plan.  I’m going to keep up with my program, and ADD to it.  Early in the program, my buddy Geoff suggested some Yoda.  I thought “Mmm, fun it sounds” because I like Star Wars. But after reread Geoff’s email, and saw it said YOGA, I thought “Well, I guess that sounds fun too”.  I’m kidding. I thought “Ugh, yoga”, but I think it’s a logical step in the process. So, I’m adding a day of yoga/flexibility/strength to each week.

3 weeks until Race Season begins.

  • Weekly sticker tally:  4 (sweet!)
  • Joyride x 3 (plus a race, plus a 50k road rode–5 rides in 7 days!)
  • Nightly core + morning smoothie/vitamins:  6



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