8 Weeks: Week 8

Uh Oh, I Got Cocky…

Well, Week 8 ended with a mix of emotions:

  • The week followed Easter, and the wheels totally fell off the bus program-wise, but…the week ended in a race!  Wohoo, race season is on.
  • Worse, my appetite was ravenous most days (likely in anticipation of the race, and that’s likely a lie), but I sort of, almost, kinda, kept things in check.
  • Finally, the race was really really really tough, but I did sort of, almost, kinda, okay.

So it’s complicated. It’s also clear to me that I got cocky in the last few weeks, because when I was really tested (with Easter dinner, and Easter chocolates, and Easter leftover chocolates) I failed pretty miserably.  I thought succumbing to the joys of face-stuffage at Easter would be a little blip, and that I’d be able to hop right back on the wagon.


The week after Easter was like an all-you-can-eat buffet of awesomeness.  It was almost like old times.  It wasn’t actually old times, but pretty damn close.  I had to step back and take stock of the things I learned in the past 2 months.  Namely:

  • Habitual eating is the real culprit (not hunger), and it’s (somewhat) easier to control than I thought
  • Counting calories was my most effective tool
  • I spend/spent a LOT on fast food
  • Visible changes to my body ARE possible, but it’s a heck of a lot of work, and now that I’m deep into my 40s, it takes way longer
  • I feel waaaaaay better physically when I eat well
  • I feel waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better emotionally when I eat well

I know I”ve said this before, but honestly, I didn’t know how much the guilt/regret factor played into the way I ate. Hmm.

The week (and the 8 Week Program) ended on Sunday at the Steaming Nostril.  You can’t beat that.  It was a tough, greasy, cold, awful race…and it was awesome.  What a great reward for my 8 weeks of (almost) suffering.  I started the program with a goal (race season) and a plan (eating better), and despite the horrible cravings (oh, the cravings), the massive appetite (oh, the massive appetite), and the constant yearning for something sweet, salty, or salty, I did it.

I finished my 8 Week program feeling better than I thought I would.

Okay, so here’s a State of the Union:

  • I feel better (a lot)
  • I look better (a little)
  • I ride better (I think)

Did I really reach my 8 Weeks goals?  You bet. Well, sort of.  I rode a bunch, ate better, and inserted a bit of strength and flexibility into my training, but I also found cheats that weren’t technically verboten according to my sticker rules (wohoo, I used verboten) which probably fed my sugar addiction.   Also, I didn’t see the physical transformation I was expecting, but my weight decreased a bit, and I’m feeling pretty groovy overall.

And….this is me at the Steaming Nostril.


Steaming Nostril 2018:  The full distance (photo courtesy Paul Potvin) 


Steaming Nostril 2018–the full distance (photo courtesy Paul Potvin)

Okay, so I know I still have my side gut flap (it’s probably just hiding behind my arms) but still, I feel great.  Better than that, my result wasn’t horrible.  I raced 65k in just under 3 hours. So, my 8 Weeks are over.

But not really.

It’s time to activate what I learned, how I grew, and make some positive changes. 8 Weeks?  Pfft.  I don’t want to stop now. And I’m not.  Now that I know it’s possible to make some little changes in my day-to-day eating, with big results, I’m feeling positive about moving forward.

No rules.  No stickers.  Just smart choices.




2 thoughts on “8 Weeks: Week 8

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Let’s just say level of enjoyment is complicated. I feel better, but it really is hard sometimes. I’m still not sure how I’m going to fare when that awesome lady brings homemade cookies to the King Series…


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