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Write On

Hey Friends of Team Colin!

Yeah, you.

Yes, if you’re reading this, you’re a Friend of Team Colin (and if my visitor numbers are correct, there is actually a 33.3% chance that you are my mother–hi mom).

Really though, everyone is a Friend of Team Colin.

It’s not because Team Colin has no friends and is desperate for new friends (although it sorta is).

We’re all FRIENDS of Team Colin because when it comes down to it, we all struggle with the same things that I struggle with, and at some point of other, I think we all feel like me–although, fortunately, you don’t actually FEEL like me because I’m squishy and soft.

I always joke that I feel slow and lunky and lesser-than, but lately I’ve come to realize that even the riders I idolize feel like that sometimes.

We all have a passion for the simple act of riding a bike, and we all have a story to tell.

I know this because I get an email or two every week from people talking about their experiences, asking about something bikey, sharing advice, telling me about a new trail or club, and other stuff.  Starting a blog (and maintaining one) is a heck of a lot of work, so I thought I’d make it a bit easier for you.

So, I’m starting a new page on my blog titled: Friends of Team Colin.  FOTC.  Do you:

  • have a story to share…
  • a passion for racing/riding a bike…
  • a Race Report…
  • a Ride Report…
  • a Trail Report…

Or maybe you have a club, event, or race to talk about.

Or maybe you’ve tanked at a race, grown in some way during a ride, or just had an amazing ride.

Or maybe you have a goal to do an epic ride, start racing, or up your racing game.

Or maybe you feel out of place, out of sync, or out of shape compared to your fellow riders.  Wait, is that just me?

MTB, road, gravel, fatbike, BMX, downhill, track, tandem, or tricycle…  Whatever.  If you have something to share about your time on a bike, and you want to write about it, turn on your computer, get typing, and fire it my way.

By the way, instead of the testosterone-fueled, male-dominated, chest beating that you’d expect, the messages I get are awesomely kind; brutally honest, introspective and tentative; and beautifully articulate.  We’re kinda smart, us riders.

If you’re bike shop owner or employee, club rep, or industry professional, that’s cool, just be sure to be honest about your connection.  Team Colin is grassroots and independent.

Don’t think you can write?  That’s bull, everyone can SHARE a story.

Worried people will judge you?  Get over it pumpkin, life is full of risks.

It’s easy, you can send a submission to:


  • Two rules:  no swearing, and don’t say mean things about other people.
  • Write as much or as little as you like.
  • I’d like to post your submission as-is.  However, if you want me to edit or be critical (even though I’m not that bright), I’m happy to do so.
  • Send an original picture (or two).  It’ll make your post pop.  If someone else took the shot, make sure you have permission to post, and give them credit (even if it’s a pal/spouse/partner/lover).
  • If you have a Race Report about a race that I’ve done, that’s cool.  I’d love your take on it too.
  • Want to post directly on the Team Colin Facebook page?  Go for it.  Same rules apply.
  • Timelines…  Well, this is a hobby for me. I have a family, and a job, and a life, and a lot of riding and writing to do.  I may not be able to answer you, or post, your submission right away, but I’ll do my best.  Also, I’ll try to post everything, but I really don’t know what that means.  If I get three submissions, they’re all in.  If I get a billion submissions, that’ll change things.

I’m sure I’ll think of more FAQs as time passes, and update this as necessary.  Honestly, I’m doing this because I think it’ll be a cool thing to try, and have no expectations other than having some fun.

So that’s it.  I’m pretty excited about this.  I already have a few submissions that I’m dying to post, and I just need a bit of time to refine the process of when and how.

Oh, one final thing.  I joke about how few people read my blog, but I’ve had posts that were read by over 1,000 visitors (and usually 200 to 400), and Team Colin Faceboook posts regularly reach 2,000 to 3,000 people (and sometimes upwards of 7,000) people.  My blog is small and unimportant by most measures, but occasionally, it has some reach.  I don’t say this to deter you, only to let you know that your words and your pictured will be SEEN.  It’s kind of awesome.  Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat thinking of how many people can read how lame I am, but it’s fun too.  By the way, I often share my blogs on Facebook pages (the TC page, Mountain Bikers Ontario, Defiant MTB, Fatbikes Ontario…).  If you don’t want your post shared, please let me know.

Team Colin (hey that’s me) wants to hear from you!


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