News: Half Price @ Joyride 150

It’s Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150!

It only happens once or twice a year, and IT’S ALWAYS EPIC.

Joyride 150 opens their park (and hearts) to friends of Team Colin FOR HALF PRICE.

Better yet, Team Colin reaches out to some awesome sponsors FOR WICKED SWAG.

And it’s happening on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2, AT 7PM.joyride-150-team-colin.jpeg

Yup, it’s Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150, and that means:

  • HALF PRICE admission and
  • HALF PRICE rentals

at Canada’s biggest and baddest indoor bike park, Joyride 150.

No guff, no strings, no foolin’.

What do we do at Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150?

We ride and chat and chill and ride and have a fun time.  No pressure.  No trash talk.  No nothing bad.

Wanna to ride the LONGEST INDOOR XC TRAIL IN CANADA?  Gotcha covered–literally, it’s indoor.

Wanna play around (and become a better rider) on the wickedly cool sport skinnies? Still gotcha covered (seriously, indoor).

Wanna try to gap a jumpline or pump a pumptrack?  YES, YOU ARE STILL COVERED BECAUSE IT IS INDOOR.

Wanna do a back flip, half cab 360? Okay, you’re on your own for that–the vert park is not my scene–but you can do so in the warmth and awesomeness that is Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park.

The trail conditions are ALWAYS perfect, the weather is ALWAYS awesome, and you don’t need to charge your lights if you want to ride after 6PM.  Plus, no snot!

It’s Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150, and it’s going to be AWESOME.

Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150

Friday, November 2, 2018


Half price admission and rentals

That’s less than 10 bucks to ride at Canada’s biggest and best indoor bike park.

Yeah, BOOM.  Joyride 150 is actually PAYING FOR YOUR GAS to get there.

How do you partake in this sweet deal?   Easy.  On Saturday, November 2, any time after 7PM, go to Joyride 150 and say “Team Colin”.  Boom.  Half price.

Which bike?

  • Bring your MTB (full squish, SS, or hardtail)
  • Bring your fatbike
  • Bring your CX bike (yeah, seriously)
  • Bring your BMX
  • Rent a bike at the park

Who can come?

  • ANYONE.  You, your kids, your spouse/partner/lover (or all three), your friends, your neighbours, that dude at work who always wants to talk about that time he rewired his cottage…(okay, don’t bring that dude).

If you didn’t make it to the first Team Colin Day, Um, Night @ Joyride 150, you missed out. Red Bull rider Drew Bezanson even made it!  Yeah, THAT Drew Bezanson.  Red Bull, DK Bikes…  Dude is even in the Canadian Tire Flyer.

If you didn’t make it to the second Team Colin Day, Um, Night @ Joyride 150, you missed out even bigger.  Dan Marshall was there.  Jamie Davies and Evolutions Cycles were there.  All the cool kids were there.  Even my wife and kids were there.

If you didn’t make it to the third Team Colin Day (um, Night) a@ Joyride 150, you missed about $2,000 in draw prizes!  Truth.

I wonder what you’ll miss if you don’t make it to this one?

Check the Team Colin Facebook page for updates and special surprises the evening might have in store.  Here’s a link: Team Colin Facebook page.  I’ve also posted a few FAQs, and the address.

Oh, if you’re new, don’t forget to complete the online waiver before you go.










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