News: Team Colin Day @ Joyride 150

1/2 Price at the Coolest Place in the World

The trails are mush.

My legs are mushier.

And my belly is the mushiest.

It’s Spring, but not really, and it’s cold outside, but it’s sometimes warm, and it’s wet, and maybe even a bit snowy (but it won’t accumulate), and riding season is right around the corner, and race season starts in less than 2 weeks, and I JUST WANT TO RIDE!!!


So…in preparation for all the awesomeness that is to come, and because the trails are closed, and because, well, because Joyride 150 is just SO BLOODY AWESOME, I thought it’d be cool to host another Team Colin Day at the park.  So…

  • Friday, April 5th
  • 7PM to 10PM
  • 1/2 price ($9.50)


  • Prizes

Lots and lots of prizes.

We’re going to ride the XC Loop, the Sport Skinnies, pump tracks, and jumplines.

Also, prizes.  Did I mention prizes?

Whether you’re a newbie at Joyride, an oldie at Joyride, a beginner rider, or seasoned racer, Team Colin Day at Joyride is an awesome chance not only to ride the park for half price, but connect with other riders, and even win some awesome swag.

We might even talk about some upcoming races…

Plus, prizes.  The list of awesome swag is still in development, but I can tall you this, it’s pretty awesome, and it’s a pretty big haul.  I’ll post an extensive list closer to the event.  How can you win?  Check The Deets at the end of this post.

In the meantime, clear your dance card, lube your chain, prepare to win some awesome prizes, and, most important, get ready to ride next Friday night.

Oh, and share this post.  The more the merrier.  Bring your pals, bring your kids, encourage your non-riding friends…do whatever you can to make everyone you know come to Joyride 150 next Friday evening.  A few years ago, the first Team Colin Day @ Joyride hosted about 15 people.  Last time, about 60 awesome riders partook.  I don’t think it’s out of line to expect up to 20,000 people to come this time–especially since it’s actually snowing while I write this.  Easy fatbikers, the snow won’t last, and it’s covering 6 inches of deep mud…

It’s going to be a blast!

Half price at Joyride 150 with Team Colin et al.  So awesome.




The Deets

To Participate:

  • To pay half price, just say “Team Colin” when you get to the park.
  • Joyride 150 is located at 150 Bullock Drive, in Markham (416-294-1313).
  • Half price applies to admission, as well as bike and gear rental.
  • Make sure you complete a waiver (

To Win a Prize:

  • Every participant on the 5th will get an entry slip for the draw.
  • You can also enter by sending an email with “Boom” or “Ride” in the subject line, to:

Yes, you can enter twice (once via email, and once in person)

Some Small Print:

Everything can change.  Sorry.  I’ll try my best to make sure things run smoothly, but, you know, I’m kind of a mess.

If you’re an email winner, I can email race registrations and such, but you’ll have to pick physical items at a race (or something).  I can hold the items for a month or so.

A final note:  If you’re a race organizer, or have a shop, or make a cycling stuff, or maybe even own a multinational bicycle company, you should probably donate some swag for the giant give away.  Just sayin’.  You can contact me at:

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