FOTC: Doris Xiaoting Liu’s Pics

Doris Xiaoting Liu, a Camera, 8 Hours of MTB, and a Photo Essay 

I don’t know Doris XL.  Never met her.

But I can tell you this:  She’s got one heck of an eye for MTB awesomeness.  Yep, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say her Boss-O-Meter is in the fully operational mode, and peaking at 11.

Doris not only raced the Fall Epic 8 Hour on a team of fellow Lapdogs, but she brought her camera, and between laps, she shot some beauties.  Wait, I wonder if she took her camera on course and actually shot DURING the race.  It certainly wouldn’t surprise me because looking at some of the shots, I think she may have actually been hovering above Hardwood Hills on a cloud.  BOOM.

I’m not an artist (heck, I’m not even really a cyclist), but I know what I like, and when I saw her pics posted on the Facebook, I reached out to her to choose some of her favourites.  I wish I could post all of her shots, but my storage is limited, so we’ll have to live with a dozen and a bit. Btw, if you want to see more of her stuff, click this link.   You can click this link too!  Without flowering it up too much, they’re magic.  So, without further ado…

Doris and Her Camera







That eye for action tho.  I don’ t know how Doris chose these 17 shots from the rest, because they’re all so damn good.  I also love the Facebook albums because they highlight the wide spectrum of riders.  I love seeing the pics of Adam Hill, but I also love seeing the pics of the riders who look like me.  So cool.

Doris and her camera.

Yeah, awesome.

Ride (and shoot!)




So this Friends of Team Colin thing is awesome.  I can’t tell you how many people I hear from who are just like me (although probably way more awesome).  I love their stories, and I bet people would love to hear yours too.  If you ever want to submit something, fire it to me at:

There are only two rules:

  1. Don’t swear
  2. Be awesome

Pictures, race reports, ride reports, a trail you like, just talkin’ about bikes, whatever.

Looking forward to hearing your story.

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