News: Team Colin Day @ Joyride 150

1/2 Price at Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park

Yep, 1/2 price at Joyride 150.

1/2 price admission.

1/2 price rentals.

That’s, 1/2 price admission, and 1/2 price rentals.

So….let’s see…the already reduced price after 7PM is $16.80…and half of that is $8.40…

Get the abacus…

Add some tax…

Do a little dance…

Get down tonight…

That’s $9.50 to ride!

That’s half half price!

The deets:

Whether you’re a first timer, old timer, experienced or novice, or if you’ve ever wanted to rip Joyride 150, here’s your chance.  The half price discount basically pays for your gas.

Annnnnd here’s the best part:  I reached out to some awesome sponsors, and they doled out the goods.  Like, seriously, they actually made it rain schwag, and I’m going to give it all away on the 29th.

Here’s a partial list of some of the awesomeness:

Yeah, pretty epic.  I can’t believe it.  Local shops, organizers, and bike making company people open up their vaults, and let the schwaggy goodness flow.  It’s kind of mind boggling.

To partake, the only thing you have do is show up and say “Team Colin” at the registration desk.  Boom!  Joyride 150 will open their doors to you for 1/2 price.  The only thing to do is show up with a bag for all the schwag that I’m giving away!



Bring what you got (FS or hardtail MTB, fatbike, or BMX), or rent a dirt jumper or single speed XC bike there (for 1/2 price, natch).  If you’re CX minded, I’ve even ripped my Norco Threshold with 32mil tires there one time.

What should I wear”

Um, clothes.  I wear baggies with a padded liner, and a long sleeve t-shirt when I’m there, but you’ll be just as comfortable in a kit, sweat/yoga pants, a sundress, or a three piece suit.

What about clipless or flats?

Okay, here’s what I do.  I bring two pairs of shoes and ride flats on the pumptracks and jumplines, and then I clip-in when I book the XC Trail.

Okay, I know what Joyride 150 is…but what is it really? 

If a 10 year old designed a bike park, Joyride 150 is it.  The park has over 100,000 square feet of jumps and pumptracks; bigger jumps and a street park; jumplines and another pumptrack; a half pipe, a vert park, a sport skinny section, and buckets and buckets of fun.  Plus, there’s an 800 metre XC loop with a climb and a descent, logs and rocks, and an elevated boardwalk.

Um, that sounds scary.

Tell that to the 9 year olds at the birthday party that are sure to be there on the same night.  Sure, the park hosts world class athletes like my pal Drew Bezanson, but every part of the park develops riding skills, and I promise that you can ride the whole night and never even move out of your comfort zone.  Now, if you want to rip a bit of the gnarly stuff, the park is designed to build-up to it.

Does the park have services?

Yep, a fully functioning bike shop (The Boiler Room), a snack counter, and a water fountain.

Can I bring my kids?

Hell ya!  Bring your parents, your brothers and sisters, your spouse/partner/lover (heck, bring all three of them).  Bring your friends, your non-riding pals…anyone and everyone!

Can Team Colin show me around the park?

Absofrigginlutely.  Even if you can’t make it, I’ll ride there any time with you.  It’s my winter jam.

If you have anything else to ask, or want to know anything, fire an email at me (  Nervous?  Pfft.  Want a tour?  See above.  Have other plans?  Cancel them.

Finally, if you run a race, work a shop, or have any connection to this sport in any way and can access some schwag, let me know, and I’ll add it to the list of goodies.

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