109. Sigh, Another Look Back

The Epic 8 Hour

Is it a relay?


Is it a solo rip?


Is it a wickedly awesome way to spend a day?


Sad news indeed.  The 2020 Summer Epic 8 Hour was just cancelled.  Pre-registered riders didn’t have to discover the news online.  Instead, Glenn from Pulse sent a personal email to his mailing list to inform us of the news.

The message was as simple as it was clear:

“We sadly will cancel the Summer Epic 8 Hour scheduled for July 25th. The health and safety of participants, volunteers and the community as a whole are the main priority for any event. We do not want to facilitate or encourage any kind of congregating or group activity.”

Aw dang it.

Dang it because I love that bloody race!
The Epic 8 Hour isn’t just a race, and it’s definitely not just a sweet 10k lap of a bunch of fun stuff at Hardwood Hills.  It’s a hammerfest of, well, epic proportions.  Whether under the gun because you don’t want to let your TEAM down, under a bigger gun because you don’t want to let your PARTNER down, or just a glorious fool who likes to do it alone (hey, that’s me), the Epic 8 Hour is 10k of white knuckle, 150BPM, singletrack rippage.

Dang it because I love the people at the bloody race!
Whether it’s the Spring, Summer, or Fall 8 Hour, the race is a who’s who of the community.  Lap after lap, we get to ride with (or chill beside) bike minded people–from some truly hardcore sponsored beasts, to some truly hardcorer (totally a word) first time racers who are equally (and often, more) beastlike, to the crowds of supporters (oh, the crowds).  The race is MY people, and I miss my people like crazy.

Dang it because one of ours just lost a bucket of cash.
The folks who organize races are taking a huge hit this year, and one of ours just had to refund a giant chunk of cheddar.

We will be processing refunds this week for all pre-registered riders. We will attempt full refunds if possible. There may be a small 2-3% processing fee charged by the online provider. I hope it is ok to give 97-98% refund. If you have any issues with this please contact me directly.

Like Dan from Substance, Adam from Chico, and Sean from Superfly, Glenn from Pulse is taking a direct hit.  These organizers have supported US and advocated for US for so long (and loooong before I even started racing–sheesh, Superfly Sean is old enough to be my dad…).  Their livelihood depends on a robust race season, as much as our awesomeness depends on them.

So no Summer Epic 8 Hour.  AW DANG IT!!!

I thought I’d take a look back at my favourite Summer Epic 8 Hour:

The 2017 Summer Epic 8 Hour:  This is the story of the first time
I rode 100k on my mountain bike.  No gears, no fooling.  100k. 


Who am I kidding?  Each and every Epic 8 Hour is my favourite.

Remember what I said about community?  Well, here it is in its full glory.  I called it the Matt Factor.  Blog #55.  September 20, 2017.

This is the story of that time I rode for 8 hours ON THE SURFACE OF
THE SUN, and a felt the full force of this community of bike minded
people.  Whether it was Glenn with some hydration, or Matt and so
many others who offered a helping hand.  Also…white socks!

Photo courtesy Apex Race Photography

So yeah, it stinks.  The race season continues to devolve, and most of the province is still under Stay-At-Home orders.  It could be much worse (um, the actual disease), and being stuck at home isn’t all bad.  The wheels may have fallen off the globe, but we still have bikes…and memories…and guys like Glenn (and Adam, and Sean, and Dan).

“Be safe, be smart, talk care of each other, and enjoy riding your bike responsibly.
See you in 2021!”  (G. Meeuwisse, May 25, 2020) 

Ride responsibly.




I miss this so hard.

If you click this pic, you’ll find the story of that time I finished an Epic 8 Hour with less than a minute before cut-off.  So epic.






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