93. The 2019 Kingston Trophy

A Tale of 4 Races:  Part 3 XC Marathon race #4. The Kingston Marathon. Substance Projects. What the hell just happened? I was the series winner in the Clydesdale category of the Marathon distance, that's what happened. Annnnnd, I didn't even have to race the marathon distance at Kingston.  Yeah, I had enough points from XCM1 … Continue reading 93. The 2019 Kingston Trophy


92. The 2019 Long Sock Classic

A Tale of 4 Races:  Part 2 No two races are ever the same. Even when you do the same race, on the same weekend each year, and the course is exactly the same, they're still never the same race.  In fact, when you do an 8 Hour race, like my last post, and rip … Continue reading 92. The 2019 Long Sock Classic

91. Spring Epic 8 Hour 2019

A Tale of 4 Races:  Part 1 The alternate title for this post was "A Tale of 2 Races", because the next race was only a week after the 8 Hour, and I didn't have time to write. And the other alternate title was "A Tale of 3 Races", because there was a race the … Continue reading 91. Spring Epic 8 Hour 2019

90. Paris to Ancaster 2019

The 2019 P2A70 is a Wrap! Well that was fun. Truthfully, it was actually kind of horrible.  But the fun kind of horrible. A giant, horrible, fun-bucket of playing bikes. You have to get it in order to get it. Honestly, there isn't much I can say about the Paris to Ancaster bike race that … Continue reading 90. Paris to Ancaster 2019

FOTC: Molly Hurford, and Lindsay’s Joyride

Shred Girls Take Over Joyride 150! I met Molly at this year's Women's Weekend at Joyride 150.  She was there to ride and promote her upcoming book for young readers:  Shred Girls:  Lindsay's Joyride, the first in a series about girls who ride bikes. She reached out to me a few weeks ago about  FOTC post. … Continue reading FOTC: Molly Hurford, and Lindsay’s Joyride


The 2019 Sausage Suit ITT... Wohoo, what a great race! Which is what I'd be saying if I had a great race. I did not, in fact, have a great race. I mean, IT was a great race (because um, Substance Projects), but it just wasn't a great race for ME (because um, me). Actually, … Continue reading 89. The XCM SSIT…WTF

FOTC: Bruce MacDonald, the Wind and the Rain, and the Steaming Nostril

The 2019 Steaming Nostril:  Sunday, April 14 In it's seventh year, the Steaming Nostril, presented by Cycle Waterloo, is of my early season highlights.  I've raced it for the last four years; my first three in the Runny Nose distance, and the full deal last year. The race is best described as an angry P2A, … Continue reading FOTC: Bruce MacDonald, the Wind and the Rain, and the Steaming Nostril

News: Free Stuff

Team Colin Day @ Joyride 150 What an awesome way to kick off the 2019 cycling season. April 5, 2019 7-10PM Half price admission and rentals Joyride 150 (150 Bullock Drive, Markham) How to participate:  Just say "Team Colin" when you register at Joyride. Boom. Bring your bike, rent a bike, wear a kit, wear … Continue reading News: Free Stuff