News: The Team Colin Really Big Giant Giveaway!

The Team Colin Really Big Giant Giveaway! Once again, Team Colin is holding a super sweet, totally awesome, massively huge, REALLY BIG GIANT GIVEAWAY. It's FUNTACULAR! It's BOOMTASTIC! It's a FUNDEMIC! My son suggested the first two names. Once again, mountain biking is about to get a little bit awesomer, with the Team Colin Really … Continue reading News: The Team Colin Really Big Giant Giveaway!

Review: Norco Ithaqua

Team Colin Reviews the 2017 Norco Ithaqua Christmas came early this year for Team Colin, in the form of a test ride weekend with a 2017 Norco Ithaqua 6.1.  Norco’s answer to the question “Hey Norco, could you please build a racing fatbike for me?   They answered “Yes”, and the Ithaqua is many other … Continue reading Review: Norco Ithaqua

Review: Salsa Beargrease

A Salsa Beargrease, the Snumbler, and Team Colin On my third foray into the world of bicycle reviews, I dipped my feet into a pool of Salsa, and demoed a 2016 Salsa Beargrease X01. The Salsa Beargrease (and Mukluk, and Bucksaw)  have a huge chunk of the fatbike market. The Mukluk is most popular because … Continue reading Review: Salsa Beargrease

33. Snumbler ’17

Best fatbike ride ever!  Saturday's Northumberland Snumbler, race #4 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Series, was, by far, the most fun I've ever had on a fatbike.  Ever. Wait, the Frozen Beaver was 10 days ago, and the Snumbler was 3 days ago?  Yup, two fatbike races in two consecutive weekends.  Please don’t pinch me--if … Continue reading 33. Snumbler ’17

32. Frozen Beaver ’17

Race day! My first race of 2017.  My first fatbike race of the season.  My first bike race since October. Race 3 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Series:  The Frozen Beaver, in Dufferin County Forest (just up the road from Mansfield Outdoor Centre).  The race was presented by Substance Projects and Cycle Solutions. What.  A. … Continue reading 32. Frozen Beaver ’17

31. Frozen Beaver ’16

Brrr.  Nobody likes a frozen beaver--especially the beaver. We're a few days away from the Frozen Beaver, race #3 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Series, presented by Dan Marshall and Substance Projects, along with Cycle Solutions.  Are you registered? I'm not.  BECAUSE I SOLD MY FATBIKE AND IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND AN XL FATBIKE … Continue reading 31. Frozen Beaver ’16

27. Fatbiking 101

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… I know it’s only October, but do you see that picture up there?  The trails won't look like that for long.  Winter is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about the fatbiking. I didn’t want to become a fatbike RIDER. Between my hardtail, single speed, … Continue reading 27. Fatbiking 101

4. Fat Bracebridge

Boy, fat bike racing is hard. Like, really hard. I did my fourth Fat Bike race on Saturday (February 27), and it did not go well. I’d like to write a boss race report, but I can't.  If I did, it would look like this: Race Report:  Fat Bracebridge:  February 27, 2016) At the beginning of … Continue reading 4. Fat Bracebridge

2. 251 Pounds

251.5 Pounds. Damn. A blog for a mountain bike racer that starts like this can’t be good. I’m writing this blog because a good friend, Dan Marshall of Substance Projects, suggested I write about the challenges of being a working dad trying to fit riding into his life. He said people would relate to me, and it … Continue reading 2. 251 Pounds

1. Kingston Snophy

The third race in 2016. My fourth year racing. My 28th mountain bike race. My fourth time on a fatbike. Ugh. Kingston isn't really that far from Toronto, but when you have to drive there, compete in a bike race, and drive home, in one day, it sure feels like it.  With a start time … Continue reading 1. Kingston Snophy