67. 2018 LSC

NOT a Love Letter to Ganaraska Forest It was  a week ago, and I'm still not even close to recovered. It was a week ago, and I can still feel the phantom burn in my left thigh as I recall that bloody hill on top of a hill, and the other hill, and the other … Continue reading 67. 2018 LSC


66. Spring Epic 8 Hour

8 Hours, 30 Minutes, and 2 Bikes I have the hurts. Saturday's Epic 8 Hour, presented by Chico Racing, at Mansfield Outdoor Education Centre was a killer, and that's all there is to say about it. Except that's not all I have to say.  There's much more to say about the Race-That-Shouldn't-Have-Been-But-Was-And-Then-Almost-Wasn't (But-Still-Shouldn't-Have-Been ) And-Then-Was-But-Was-Still-So-Very-Hard. … Continue reading 66. Spring Epic 8 Hour

63. Hardwood Fatbike Race

When in Doubt, Race Awesome. Awe.  Some. AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME! What a great race.  It was The Hardwood Fatbike Race:  Race #4 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Race Series (p/b Cannondale, Substance Projects, and The Crank & Sprocket Bicycle Co.).  Say that fast three times. Yes, seriously, that's the full name race. When the organizers announced the … Continue reading 63. Hardwood Fatbike Race

News: The Team Colin Really Big Giant Giveaway!

The Team Colin Really Big Giant Giveaway! Once again, Team Colin is holding a super sweet, totally awesome, massively huge, REALLY BIG GIANT GIVEAWAY. It's FUNTACULAR! It's BOOMTASTIC! It's a FUNDEMIC! My son suggested the first two names. Once again, mountain biking is about to get a little bit awesomer, with the Team Colin Really … Continue reading News: The Team Colin Really Big Giant Giveaway!

45. Humbler TC: 17

It Was the Best of Times, it Was the Bester of Times. Northumberland Forest.  Coburg, Ontario:  The 2017 Substance Projects Northumberland Humbler. 74 kilometres. That's the same as driving from the CN Tower to Barrie.  Well, 20k south of Barrie. 74,000 metres of singletrack, double track, old trails, new trails, fire road, access road, this … Continue reading 45. Humbler TC: 17

43. Long Sock Classic

It Was the WORST of Times.  It Was The BEST of Times Ganaraska Forest. The Substance Projects Long Sock Classic. 70k of Ontario's finest single track. 1,600m of relentless, punishing, climbs. Rocks and roots.  Trees and sand.  Grit and grime. One boss Cannondale Trail SL single speed. And lots and lots of teeny tiny poison ivy sprouts. … Continue reading 43. Long Sock Classic

38. Homage to Ice ’17

Single Speed 201. Team Colin went for a big, giant rip in Dufferin County Forest on Saturday, in race #1 of the Substance Projects XC Marathon: The Homage to Ice (presented by Cycle Solutions). And let me tell you this: Homage was paid. Except that I paid homage to everything except ice. Homage to rain … Continue reading 38. Homage to Ice ’17