115. Welcome to Blursday

Searching For a Bit of ClarityIt's been a while, so I thought I'd poke my head out of the blur and take a look around.  To be honest, since last March, writing about playing bikes felt kinda silly. Sure, I've been riding lots, but with the shutdown I stick close to home and typically hammer … Continue reading 115. Welcome to Blursday

114. The South Scarborough Loop

A Love Story About the City I Call Home. I've been working on this post for a long time. I want to get it right. You see, the SSL isn't just a bike ride, or gravel ride, or an adventure; it's MY ride through MY home town, and it lives and breathes MY past.  And … Continue reading 114. The South Scarborough Loop

FOTC: Tiago Varella-Cid and the Burk’s Falls Loop

What's a Chetwynd? Aw dang. My pal Tiago sent a report of a secret new loop, and it looks tastier than anything I've ever seen.  Okay, that's not dang-worthy.  The dang-worthy thing is that I really really really want to ride it...but I think it's waaaaay too epic for me. He calls it: The Burk's … Continue reading FOTC: Tiago Varella-Cid and the Burk’s Falls Loop

FOTC: Bruce MacDonald and the Simcoe County Loop Trail

Bruce MacDonald, Fatbikes, Dad Jokes, and the Simcoe County Loop Trail My pal, Bruce from PEI, rode the Simcoe County Loop Trail a few weeks ago, so I reached out to him for a dispatch.  The SCLT is a 160k bikepacking route that "starts" is in Barrie (although it's a loop, so well, it's a … Continue reading FOTC: Bruce MacDonald and the Simcoe County Loop Trail

110. Wohoo. A Look Ahead!

El Bandito Cancelado On Monday, May 22, the OCA extended the cancellation of all races until July 31st, and with it, a whole bunch of awesome stuff was added to the 2020 List of Nope, namely the Summer Epic 8 Hour, and one of my favourite races:  El Bandito. "Wait, that's a look into the … Continue reading 110. Wohoo. A Look Ahead!

2019: 2K19/16

2019 Holy cow!  16 big kid...big boss...awesome races in one season. I started the season a sick as a dog, and it didn't get better for a loooooong time.  Some fat, some gravel, and lots and lots of MTB.  I even busted out a few new races (Georgian Nordic, Turkey Point XCM, Sea Otter, Scrappy … Continue reading 2019: 2K19/16

News: 20/20 Race and Ride Calendar

UPDATE:  May 4th, 2020 Happy Star Wars Day! Well, the OCA has cancelled or postponed all events until July 6th, 2020, so here is an updated calendar.  It ain't getting prettier. UPDATE:  MARCH 21, 2020 Talk about bad timing.  I posted this calendar a few days before the wheels fell off the global bike, and … Continue reading News: 20/20 Race and Ride Calendar