News: 2018 Race Calendar

It's MY Year! I love racing. I.  LOVE.  RACING! I'm really not a good racer, but I sure love it.  The thrill...the camaraderie...the bikey stuff...the pushing myself to my absolute limit. Love it. But how the heck do I top last year?  Seriously, in 2017, I did 18 big, gnarly, very boss races (plus a … Continue reading News: 2018 Race Calendar


News: P2A on RFG

It sure does. And that's why I ride...and think about it all day every day...and blog about it. April is probably my favourite racing month.  No wait, it's May.  Or maybe June and July.  Of course, August is pretty good too.  So is Septemeber... You get the picture.  But April holds a special place for … Continue reading News: P2A on RFG