63. Hardwood Fatbike Race

When in Doubt, Race Awesome. Awe.  Some. AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME! What a great race.  It was The Hardwood Fatbike Race:  Race #4 in the 45NRTH Ontario Fatbike Race Series (p/b Cannondale, Substance Projects, and The Crank & Sprocket Bicycle Co.).  Say that fast three times. Yes, seriously, that's the full name race. When the organizers announced the … Continue reading 63. Hardwood Fatbike Race


8 Weeks: Week 4

I'm Halfway There! But I'm not halfway there.  After four weeks at this, I'm beginning to think that instead of being in the middle of an 8 week program, I'm at the beginning of the start of lifelong habits. Yeah, I didn't see that coming either. Of course, it's still a MASSIVE struggle, and of … Continue reading 8 Weeks: Week 4

8 Weeks: Week 3

Um, It's Kinda/Sort-Of/Almost Getting Easier... Okay, so I was pretty optimistic for week 3. Well, sort of. This is FAR from the toughest thing I've done, and it's certainly a First World problem, but it's pretty damn tough nonetheless.  After a solidly healthy breakfast, it all goes downhill.  That means the hours of 7AM to … Continue reading 8 Weeks: Week 3


8 Weeks: Week 2

What Have I Done? It was all easy peasy at the start of week 2. Until I got up. My daughter wanted bacon.  Aw, dang it. Week 2 Recap: Sunday.  Bacon.  'Nuff said.  Okay, there's more to be said for today.  Two things in fact.  First, I'm really glad I established a "sticker or not" … Continue reading 8 Weeks: Week 2


8 Weeks: Week 1

I Want Treats! Sigh Well, it’s not an auspicious start. It’s Saturday, and I haven’t earned a sticker yet. Not once in 6 days. I rode twice this week, was pretty active, did a few minutes of core each night, and had a good start to each day with a with a smoothie, some Omega … Continue reading 8 Weeks: Week 1


62. 8 Weeks Until Showtime!

8 Weeks.  8 Weeks?  8 Weeks! Oh crap. There's only 8 weeks left in the season of "Pfft, I can totally eat that"/"I've still got time to get in shape", before the 2018 Race Season begins. That means, in 8 short weeks it'll be time to stuff my ever-largening body into a spandex kit, and … Continue reading 62. 8 Weeks Until Showtime!


61. Is a Cycling Club for Me?

A Cycling Club for You, a Cycling Club for Me... To be or not to be?  That is the question. But I'm not talking about shuffling off this mortal coil.  I'm talking about something way more important.  I'm talking about whether I should join a cycling club. Actually, should I join ANOTHER cycling club. I'm … Continue reading 61. Is a Cycling Club for Me?