96. Summer Epic 8 Hour

It's All About The Journey I can't put it into any other words: For me, riding is all about the journey. Seriously, I'm never going to podium, so a long time ago, I made a few decisions that guide me when I race.  I jokingly refer to it as the Team Colin Ethos, but it's … Continue reading 96. Summer Epic 8 Hour


95. The Sea Otter XC 3 HR

Hey Sea Otter!  On behalf of Canada, I'd like to welcome you.  So like, welcome, eh. Also, slow clap, because no kidding, no fooling, and noo doot aboot it:  nice work  Okay, we don't actually say "noo doot aboot it", but the inaugural Sea Otter@Blue Mountain was a beauty (because we do say that). Also, … Continue reading 95. The Sea Otter XC 3 HR

FOTC: Tracy Roth Storms the Trent

T. Roth Storms the Trent! The title sounds kinda hardcore, and that's because it is.  T. Roth literally stormed the Trent this spring in another epic chapter of epic adventure racing.  I've never done an adventure race, but I gotta say, I really wanna.  The only thing holding me back is, well, my back.  I … Continue reading FOTC: Tracy Roth Storms the Trent

94. 24 Hours of Summer Awesomeness

A Tale of 4 Races:  Part 4 24 Hours of Summer Solstice. Chico racing. Awesome. Also, this:  I'm baaaaaaaaack. Well, sort of.  My cough has finally subsided, save for a few outbursts throughout the day, but my voice is soft and shaky, and it occasionally takes a rest--not a good thing for a Dramatic Arts … Continue reading 94. 24 Hours of Summer Awesomeness

93. The 2019 Kingston Trophy

A Tale of 4 Races:  Part 3 XC Marathon race #4. The Kingston Marathon. Substance Projects. What the hell just happened? I was the series winner in the Clydesdale category of the Marathon distance, that's what happened. Annnnnd, I didn't even have to race the marathon distance at Kingston.  Yeah, I had enough points from XCM1 … Continue reading 93. The 2019 Kingston Trophy

91. Spring Epic 8 Hour 2019

A Tale of 4 Races:  Part 1 The alternate title for this post was "A Tale of 2 Races", because the next race was only a week after the 8 Hour, and I didn't have time to write. And the other alternate title was "A Tale of 3 Races", because there was a race the … Continue reading 91. Spring Epic 8 Hour 2019


The 2019 Sausage Suit ITT... Wohoo, what a great race! Which is what I'd be saying if I had a great race. I did not, in fact, have a great race. I mean, IT was a great race (because um, Substance Projects), but it just wasn't a great race for ME (because um, me). Actually, … Continue reading 89. The XCM SSIT…WTF