82. Dear Troy Lee…

A Love Letter to Troy Lee Designs Dear Mr. Lee, Thank you for saving me. Seriously. I'm sure you hear this often, but 'strue.  I am convinced that my new A1 (with MIPS, natch) prevented me from a catastrophic injury at the Sausage Suit ITT MTB race. I wrote a blog about the race, but I … Continue reading 82. Dear Troy Lee…

News: Free Stuff!

The Team Colin Big Gigantic Huge (and Very Large) Contest Giveaway Yeah, free Stuff. I love this community. So, each year for the last few years, I reach out to a few awesome people to see of they want to give stuff to the community. And they say yes. What kind of stuff?  Lots and … Continue reading News: Free Stuff!

News: Call for Submissions

Write On Hey Friends of Team Colin! Yeah, you. Yes, if you're reading this, you're a Friend of Team Colin (and if my visitor numbers are correct, there is actually a 33.3% chance that you are my mother--hi mom). Really though, everyone is a Friend of Team Colin. It's not because Team Colin has no … Continue reading News: Call for Submissions

61. Is a Cycling Club for Me?

A Cycling Club for You, a Cycling Club for Me... To be or not to be?  That is the question. But I'm not talking about shuffling off this mortal coil.  I'm talking about something way more important.  I'm talking about whether I should join a cycling club. Actually, should I join ANOTHER cycling club. I'm … Continue reading 61. Is a Cycling Club for Me?

54. Great Albion Enduro ’17

36 Seconds September 17, 2017.  Albion Hills Conservation area. My third race of the month (or maybe my fourth--see last blog) plus two weekly series rips. The second annual Great Albion Enduro. A good time was had by all.  A good time was had by me (even though, once again, Superfly wouldn't list me as … Continue reading 54. Great Albion Enduro ’17

46. 24 Hours of Summer Solstice

Chico Racing's 24 Hour of Summer Solstice (20th Anniversary edition). Chico who there? Chico Racing. 24 Hours of what now? 24 Hours of Summer Solstice. sol·stice noun (/ˈsōlstəs,ˈsälstəs/) summer solstice, when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest day Yup, the longest day of the year.  24 … Continue reading 46. 24 Hours of Summer Solstice