110. Wohoo. A Look Ahead!

El Bandito Cancelado On Monday, May 22, the OCA extended the cancellation of all races until July 31st, and with it, a whole bunch of awesome stuff was added to the 2020 List of Nope, namely the Summer Epic 8 Hour, and one of my favourite races:  El Bandito. "Wait, that's a look into the … Continue reading 110. Wohoo. A Look Ahead!

108: Sigh, a Look Back…

And a Look Forward... Well, it's the Time of COVID... Stay-at-Home orders, self isolation, parks and trails closed with metal gates and yellow streamers... Sigh. The race season is literally disappearing by the minute, and I've updated my 2020 Race Calendar with cancellations almost daily.  By this time of year, every year for the past … Continue reading 108: Sigh, a Look Back…

2019: 2K19/16

2019 Holy cow!  16 big kid...big boss...awesome races in one season. I started the season a sick as a dog, and it didn't get better for a loooooong time.  Some fat, some gravel, and lots and lots of MTB.  I even busted out a few new races (Georgian Nordic, Turkey Point XCM, Sea Otter, Scrappy … Continue reading 2019: 2K19/16

News: 20/20 Race and Ride Calendar

UPDATE:  May 4th, 2020 Happy Star Wars Day! Well, the OCA has cancelled or postponed all events until July 6th, 2020, so here is an updated calendar.  It ain't getting prettier. UPDATE:  MARCH 21, 2020 Talk about bad timing.  I posted this calendar a few days before the wheels fell off the global bike, and … Continue reading News: 20/20 Race and Ride Calendar

106. A Love/Hate Letter to 45NRTH

Ice This! I live and ride in Southern Ontario, and winters here can be unpredictable.  That means fatbike conditions can be, um...challenging.  Ideal trail conditions are rare, and RWCS (Rideable Winter Condition Season) only lasts about a month (and sometimes not even that long), so it's tough to find good riding days.  Worse, fatbike racing … Continue reading 106. A Love/Hate Letter to 45NRTH

105. Georgian Nordic Fatbike!

Substance Projects, a Fatbike, Some Candles, and Georgian Nordic Well you can't beat that combination. I mean it would be impossible to beat that combination, right? Substance Projects...at Georgian Nordic...for a fatbike race. Sweeeeeet. Although...hmmm...I guess there could be a way to make it better. Like maybe if the conditions were spectacular. Yeah, like that … Continue reading 105. Georgian Nordic Fatbike!

104. Albion Hills Fatbike!

Rainmageddon It was not a good start to the day. The forecast called for 50 to 75mm of rain, starting in the morning, followed by a deep freeze.  Rain does not melt the snow on trails, it makes ice. Also, for my American friends, 50 to 75mm is 2 to 3 inches.  Yes, of rain.  … Continue reading 104. Albion Hills Fatbike!

103. Wohoo! It’s Fatbike Season!

It's 2020 Baby So awesome. So very awesome. Lemme me say it again:  Wohoooooooo. Fatbike season is on (yes, it's a seasonal for me--don't hate, it's just the way it is), and it's time for a the first bike race of 2020! The Substance Projects 45NRTH OnFatbikeSeries (p/b Cannondale), at Albion Hills Conservation Area, on … Continue reading 103. Wohoo! It’s Fatbike Season!

99. Scrappy Badger

I Was WRONG? Well this is new. I was wrong. Hmm, so that's what it feels like... I'm kidding, I've made a life and a career out of making mistakes.  Sometimes, they're big mistakes, and sometimes they're small.  You know, like buying gas station coffee. But I gotta say this:  Scrappy Badger?  Pfft.  More like … Continue reading 99. Scrappy Badger

98. El Bandito ’19

Take THAT El Bandito Well, another El Bandito is in the books, and it was a blast.  The Bandit STARTS and FINISHES at the bottom of Brimacombe ski hill.  It's not easy to start at the bottom of a ski hill, but it sure was fun, and with three distances to choose from, a course … Continue reading 98. El Bandito ’19