I love all of my bikes.

I don’t buy the best bike I can afford.  I buy the best bike for ME, based on price, fit components, practicality, and general appeal.  Some of my bikes are last season’s models. Some were on sale.  Some are used.

I don’t want to be a bike collector–I want to be a bike rider.

Each bike serves a specific purpose:  My Norco Revolver is like poetry; Bike #1 is a solid workhorse for riding around the neighbourhood with my kids; I keep my 26″ Norco Torrent at Joyride; my Norco Two 50 is a sweet dirt jumper that I ride when I want to feel like a kid again (it’s from the old rental fleet at Joyride 150); my Cannondale Trail SL is a 29er with a rigid fork (I got it for half price); and my Defy road bike is for when I don’t want to ride over logs and things.

They are all awesome. Listed in order from newest to oldest, they are:

(Bike #8:  2016 Santa Cruz Stigmata.  Gravel bike-carbon.  It’s not mine, but I rode a borrowed one in the Eager Beaver 100–see “Blog 19. Graduation” and I’m claiming it as one of my bikes, in brackets, because it’s just too sweet to ignore)

Bike #8:  Norco Threshold SL Ultegra Di2.  CX/Gravel Bike-Carbon

Bike #7: 2015 Norco Bigfoot 6.1.  Fat Bike-Aluminium w/Carbon fork. (SOLD)

Bike #6: 2015 Cannondale Trail SL.  29er, Rigid, Single Speed-Aluminium.

Bike #5: 2016 Norco Revolver 9.1. 29er Hardtail MTB-Carbon.

Bike #4:  2014 Giant Defy 3. 700c Road Bike-Carbon.

Bike #3: 2011 Norco two 50. 26″ Dirt Jumper-Chromoly.

Bike #2:  2012 Norco Torrent. 26″ Hardtail MTB-Carbon.

Bike #1: 2009 Gary Fisher Marlin.  26″ Hardtail MTB-Aluminium.

THIS PAGE ISN’T FINISHED (but don’t tell my wife…)

Coming soon:  Pictures!