2016: 6ixteen/16

2016: 6ixteen

16 for 16!

My first 100k at the Eager Beaver, and another 100k two weeks later at the Kawartha Lakes Cycling Classic.  I did all four XCM races, my first O-Cup, a road race, and the inaugural season of the Ontario Fatbike Race Series.


#1:  Frozen Beaver (January 9, 2016)

  • Fat Bike Race (45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series-Substance Projects)
  • Mansfield Forest
  • Time: 2:15:20
  • 15k
  • 9/13 (category)
  • 13/24 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:33
  • Slush. Slush. Slush. Two laps of the hardest riding/bike hiking ever. Warm day. My second time ever on a fat bike. My first time was the night before. Get on your bike, pedal, get off your bike, walk. Whatever. I couldn’t stay on my line, and spent much of the race flying over my handle bars. I was on a borrowed bike, wearing borrowed boots, and it didn’t matter—because it was a Saturday morning in the middle of the winter, and I was on a bike.

#2:  Snumbler (January 23, 2016)

  • Fat Bike Race (45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series-Substance Projects)
  • Northumberland Forest
  • Time:
  • 20k
  •  x/something (category)
  •  x/something (overall)
  • It was my third time on a fat bike, so I can’t say this unequivocally, but I think it was a perfect day of fat biking. It was really cold, but not too cold, and the trail was spectacular. Passing was so tough, and I spent a good portion of the race dogging it, but I lacked the confidence to pass, so it wasn’t a huge problem. Great time.


#3:  Kingston Snophy  (February 6, 2016)

  • Fat Bike Race (45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series-Substance Projects)
  • Kingston MTB, ON
  • Time: 1:22:43
  • 20k (4 laps)
  • 6/8(category)
  • 8/20 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:36:59
  • Bike:  Norco Bigfoot
  • Who cares about the details of the ride, the race photographer caught me getting sweet air off a jump. Boom.  I’m kidding.  The race was awesome.  Ice, bare grass, thin layer of snow.  The Snophy had it all.  Great time

#4:  Fat Bracebridge  (February 27, 2016)

  • Fat Bike Race (45NRTH Ontario Fat Bike Series-Substance Projects)
  • Bracebridge, ON
  • Time: 1:19:39
  • 20k (4 laps)
  • 8/13(category)
  • 18/34 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:03:50
  • Bike:  Norco Bigfoot
  • Last race of the series.  It was awesome.  Great conditions, great crowd.  There was a time trial before the race, which I totally tanked (and it took a few places away from me) but it was an amazing day from start to finish.

#5:  Steaming Nostril  (April 3, 2016)

  • Road, trail, mud, and gravel race
  • St. Jacobs, ON
  • Time: 2:02:29
  • 38k  (+ 4k detour)
  • 7/24(category-all males)
  • 10/39 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:38:52
  • Bike:  Norco Revolver 9.1 (with CX tires)
  • Snow, ice, mud, a 4k detour, wind, and freezing toes.  I put CX tires on my Revolver and it just flew.  The race included a short detour down a farm lane, and deep into a slushy gully (with a steep, slippery scamper to exit), lots of Mennonites, and a giant staircase at the finish line.  Awesome.

#6:  Homage to Ice  (April 16, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike Race (Substance Projects XC Marathon race #1)
  • Dufferin Forest, Mansfield, ON
  • Time: 2:16:25
  • 30k
  • 7/9(category-single speed)
  • 74/100 (overall, incl. 8 DNF)
  • Category winning time: 1:51:36
  • Bike:  Cannondale Trail SL (SS)
  • My first time racing a single speed!  It was horribly awesome.  30k in an early season race, on a single speed bike, with a rigid fork.  Awesome single track, a bit of ice, and dry single track (on which I lost a bunch of time because I was just spinning), and sweet performance all around.  My placing was horrible, but I earned every second of my time.  I could totally get used to my single speed.

#7:  Paris (St. George) to Ancaster   (April 24, 2016)

  • Road, field, rail trail, mud, and gravel race
  • Ancaster, ON
  • Time: 1:59:12
  • 40k
  • 7/31(category-Clydesdale)
  • 153/689 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:34:48 (overall winning time was 1:29:06)
  • Bike:  Norco Revolver 9.1 (with CX tires)
  • 3rd race in April, 7th race in 2016, 4th time doing the P2A.  This is where it all started. Unbelievable weather for a race that traditionally looks like the Steaming Nostril: sunny with a bit of wind.  The race sold out early, so I had to spend the day before lining up on site for a spot.  The race was bigger than usual, and spirits were high. I rode as hard as I could, but was always wary of the last climb and cramping, and within minutes of finishing the race, I realized that I could have ridden waaaaay harder.  The usual long road grinds, a few mud slides, a huge sprint on the rail trail (I DID NOT GET PASSED ONCE), and a few downed trees.  Near the end of the race, on a crowded, winding hill climb, along a very busy road (with a huge line of stopped cars) I got out of my saddle and sprinted.  I flew past dozens of riders.  My placing, performance,and output were all just okay.  Still, the race was a bunch of fun.  My 4th P2A race–wouldn’t miss it for anything.  And I rode the last climb!  Boom.

#8:  Long Sock Classic  (May 21, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike Race (Substance Projects XC Marathon race #2)
  • Ganaraska Forest
  • Time: 2:18:18
  • 36 k
  • 7/7 (category-Single Speed)
  • 8/10 (category-Clydesdale)
  • 67/109 (overall)
  • SS Category winning time:  1:48:42
  • Overall winning time:  1:38:58
  • Clydesdale winning time:  1:55:12
  • Bike: Cannondale Trail SL (SS)
  • Awesome race.  The hill on top of the hill didn’t kill me.  The course was pure magic. I had a great time.  Single Speed racing is wicked!  I carried all of my coaches on my shoulders in this race.  In many ways, it was a game changer for me.

#9:  Single Track Classic  (May 28, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike Race
  • Hardwood Hills, ON
  • Time: 1:39:53
  • 24k
  • 16/23 (category-Men 40+)
  • 61/134 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 1:14:44
  • Bike:  Norco Revolver 9.1
  • My blog post was called “Angry Face Bike”.  I was late for the race because I was trying to fix my cassette, I spent the race in a few gears, and actually stopped to catch my breath with about 7k to go (it wasn’t my bike–I was beat), I spent the first half of the race trying to make up time, the last part of the race losing time, and had a lousy time doing so.  It wasn’t the course, which was awesome.  It wasn’t the crowd, which was cool.  It was me.  All me.  Sometimes, a race just doesn’t sing.  On the plus side, I saw my coach, Scott Bentley (and Shannon too).  So there’s that.  Love the guy.

#10:  Northumberland Humbler  (June 18, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike Race (Substance Projects XC Marathon race #3)
  • Northumberland Forest
  • Time: Not sure
  • 32 k (approx)
  • x/something (category-Single Speed)
  • x/something (category-Clydesdale)
  • x/something (overall)
  • Category winning time: Something (overall winning time:  Something)
  • Bike:  Cannondale Trail SL (SS)
  • What a slog.  I tried.  I honestly did.  The course is just a killer, with long flowy trails, the climbs are sneaky, and they crept into my legs and back.  Plus, the day was as hot as hot is.  Steamy and sticky.  Awesome course.  Fun day nonetheless.  Northumberland Forest is probably my favourite place to ride.

#11:  Albion Endur O-Cup (July 12, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike O-Cup Race (p/b Superfly Racing)
  • Albion Hils
  • Time: 
  • 16-25k
  • x/something (category-Citizen Men)
  • x/something (overall)
  • Category winning time: Something (overall winning time:  Something)
  • Bike:  Norco Revolver 9.1
  • My first O-Cup race.  A whole bunch of fun.  It was weird to see so many people, in so many categories…  I felt like I was racing well, but my GPS didn’t co-operate, and my pacing was waaaay off.  I climbed the Green Monster, but it killed me for a few km afterward, and after the Brown Monster, I needed a breather–which I didn’t take.  The race ended sooner than I thought, and with 1k to go (I thought there was still 9k to go), I had enough for a sprint, and almost caught up to the rider ahead.  Great fun.  Great crowd.


#12:  Eager Beaver  (August 13, 2016)

  • Gravel Race (p.b Cycle Solutions and Substance Projects)
  • Nordic Highlands Centre, Duntroon, ON
  • Time: 5:30:02
  • 109k
  • x/something (category-Open Men)
  • x/something (overall)
  • Category winning time: Something (overall winning time:  Something)
  • Bike:  Santa Cruz Stigmata
  • LIFE changing.  The beauty of a long distance ride, the joy of achieving something epic, and the sheer thrill of riding all combined to make this race epically, amazingly, truly and utterly, awesome.

#13:  Kawartha Lakes Cycling Tour  (August 27, 2016)

  • Road Tour
  • Lindsay, ON
  • Time: 3:48
  • 103k
  • Not a race–no results.
  • Bike:  Giant Defy 3
  • Well, not a race, but a tour.  I had the legs and lungs, and could have ridden twice the distance (maybe).  It was great to see riding through a different lens.  Not the last time I’ll mount a road bike for a long ride.  Awesome.


#14:  Kingston XCM  (September 3, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike Race (Substance Projects XC Marathon race #4)
  • MTB Kingston, Glenburnie, ON
  • Time: Not sure 
  • 37k
  • x/something (category-Open Men)
  • x/something (overall)
  • Category winning time: Something (overall winning time was Something)
  • Bike:  Norco Revolver 9.1/Santa Cruz Hightower
  • Well, I had a race in the morning, 200k east of Toronto, and a wedding in the afternoon, 100k west of Toronto.  Not sure how I did it, but I made it in time for the salad.  Great race.  Huge bike malfunction about 9k into the race, and I had to switch bikes with my bike shop manager at about 14k.  Great course, fair result, awesome experience.  The rocks, climbs, rocks, and rocks at MTB Kingston are something to be experienced.


#15:  The Great Albion Enduro  (September 17, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike Race
  • Albion Hills Conservation Area, Bolton, ON
  • Time:  2:43:32
  • 40k
  • 7/12(category-Clydesdale 200lb+)
  • 119/180 (overall)
  • Category winning time: 2:13:47 (overall winning time was 1:54:48)
  • Bike:  Norco Revolver 9.1
  • My damn cleat came out of my shoe again!  Not sure how it happened, but I lost a screw mid-race, and (aside from throwing  me off my pace) it played a huge factor in slowing me down.  Tough time, awesome trails, and all the wickedness of Albion Hills.  The technical features, and tight twisting trails, were a terrific challenge.  The rain became a factor in the day, but it didn’t affect performance in a big way.  Great to ride the neighbouring trails at Palgrave, and the road stretch between the two was a nice divider.  Great time.  My riding buddy from Peterborough even came for the race. Awesome.

#16:  Sausage Suit ITT (October 15, 2016)

  • Mountain Bike Race
  • Dufferin County Forest
  • Time:
  • 40k
  • (category-Single Speed)
  • (overall)
  • Category winning time: XXX (overall winning time was XXX)
  • Bike:  Cannondale Trail SL (SS)
  • I can’t think if a better way to end the 2016 race season.  Spectacular course, great people, and a 3rd place podium finish in the SS category (even though there were only three of us) .  The trails at Dufferin County Forest are so awesome.  Great mix of grindage, hillage, and rippage.