Here are some of the places I ride.  There are a billion places within a few hours of Toronto, and these are a few of my favourites.  I add more rides as I become more familiar with the trails.  This page is far from complete.  If you have a trail to add, comment on this page, or send me an email (, and I’ll add it to the list, with a nod of credit to you.

Joyride 150

  • The coolest place in the world.
  • 110,000 square feet of fun.
  • Great for a quick training ride.
  • Great with the kids.
  • Who cares if it’s indoor–it never rains, snows, or gets dark.

DIRECTIONS:  150 Bullock Drive, just east of McCowan


Northumberland Forest

  • Fast, flowy trails.
  • The Hog’s Back is fun.  The Hog’s Back Bypass is also fun.
  • You can ride for hours and never see another person
  • The west side of the road is fun.  The east side is more challenging.
  • There are no facilities.
  • Lots of poison ivy.

DIRECTIONS:  Beagle Club Road (Harwood, ON), just north of Highway 45.


The Don 

  • There are no maps, it’s a bit secretive, but lots of fun.
  • The unknown trails are killers.
  • Get a guide–everyone who rides there is happy to show you around.  Even strangers.
  • Tough, urban, hard packed trails.

DIRECTIONS:  Loblaws parking lot (11 Redway Road).  The trailhead is at the east end of the lot.  There are a billion other access points.  Find them.


Durham Forest 

  • Spectacular riding, 30 minutes from the Toronto Zoo.
  • The maps are lousy, just ride.  If you get lost, the double track always goes back to the main parking lot.
  • Little climbing, but hours of fun.
  • Ganaraska Forest


Ganaraska Forest

  • Great trails, great facilities.
  • Excellent maps.
  • Awesome climbs, great single track, lousy double track.
  • This forest has a love/hate relationship with me.

DIRECTIONS:  10585 Cold Springs Camp Rd, Port Hope


Centennial Park

  • Awesome web of trails on a small parcel of land.
  • Not really marked, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll always find your way back to the car.
  • Location of the King Series Tuesday Night Series.
  • Family friendly trails on the western part of the forest.

DIRECTIONS:  14855 Jane Street, King City

Check this link:


Mansfield Forest

  • Location of the Homage to Ice and Frozen Beaver bike races.
  • Awesome single track.
  • Great outdoor centre with washroom facilities.

DIRECTIONS:  937365 Airport Road, Mansfield


I’m working on descriptions of the following:

  • Turkey Point
  • Jefferson Forest
  • Kelso
  • Albion Hills
  • Hardwood Hills
  • Mono (yeah, they have MTB)
  • Goodrich Loomis
  • Batawa Ski Hill
  • COLT
  • Petit Train du Nord (gravel-PQ)
  • Corridor Aerobique (gravel-PQ)
  • The South Scarborough Loop


THIS PAGE IS NOT FINISHED.  To add a trail, comment or send an email.