82. Dear Troy Lee…

A Love Letter to Troy Lee Designs Dear Mr. Lee, Thank you for saving me. Seriously. I'm sure you hear this often, but 'strue.  I am convinced that my new A1 (with MIPS, natch) prevented me from a catastrophic injury at the Sausage Suit ITT MTB race. I wrote a blog about the race, but I … Continue reading 82. Dear Troy Lee…


FOTC: Dan Marshall

Dan Marshall and 240k of Gravel... Wohoo!  This is my second Friend Of Team Colin post (FOTC), and I gotta say... I. AM. CHUFFED. Okay, full disclosure:  Dan Marshall is MY guy. And I think he's awesome. And I love him. In fact, I am such a fan of Dan Marshall, and I'm so inextricably … Continue reading FOTC: Dan Marshall

News: Free Stuff!

The Team Colin Big Gigantic Huge (and Very Large) Contest Giveaway Yeah, free Stuff. I love this community. So, each year for the last few years, I reach out to a few awesome people to see of they want to give stuff to the community. And they say yes. What kind of stuff?  Lots and … Continue reading News: Free Stuff!

81. Howling Coyote

Awooooooooooooooo! It was the inaugural Howling Coyote gravel grinder, presented by Substance Projects, and it was Epic.  How epic was it?  The race was so gigantically boss, it was staged in collaboration with basically EVERYBODY WHO LIVES IN MONO.  As Riot on Racing's blog says, it felt like the entire community was there in some … Continue reading 81. Howling Coyote

News: Half Price @ Joyride 150

It's Team Colin Day (um, Night) @ Joyride 150! It only happens once or twice a year, and IT'S ALWAYS EPIC. Joyride 150 opens their park (and hearts) to friends of Team Colin FOR HALF PRICE. Better yet, Team Colin reaches out to some awesome sponsors FOR WICKED SWAG. And it's happening on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER … Continue reading News: Half Price @ Joyride 150

80. My first DNF

Alternate Title:  Troy Lee Designs Saved My Life The last MTB race of the 2018 season, my 14th race this season, my 73rd race since starting this racing gig, and my 80th blog post. My first DNF. My first DNF! MY FIRST DNF!!! Seriously, I ALWAYS finish: I once raced on the surface of the … Continue reading 80. My first DNF