115. Welcome to Blursday

Searching For a Bit of ClarityIt's been a while, so I thought I'd poke my head out of the blur and take a look around.  To be honest, since last March, writing about playing bikes felt kinda silly. Sure, I've been riding lots, but with the shutdown I stick close to home and typically hammer … Continue reading 115. Welcome to Blursday

114. The South Scarborough Loop

A Love Story About the City I Call Home. I've been working on this post for a long time. I want to get it right. You see, the SSL isn't just a bike ride, or gravel ride, or an adventure; it's MY ride through MY home town, and it lives and breathes MY past.  And … Continue reading 114. The South Scarborough Loop

113. Team Colin on Bicycling.com

Who Knew? Seriously, Who Knew? So this happened. I was featured on Bicycling.com Last summer, I saw a post on The Facebook asking about "how cycling changed your life", and, um, cycling kinda really totally really changed mine, so I answered. I thought it was just a casual thing. Turns our it was decidedly more … Continue reading 113. Team Colin on Bicycling.com

112. Fall Epic 8 Hour: COVID Edition

Eight Hours, Twenty Five Minutes, and a Sixteen Seconds Longest Introduction EverI wanted to race--I wanted to race so badly--but there are no races this year because of that COVID thing... And then OCA adjusted their COVID policies, and Pulse Racing scheduled the Fall Epic 8 Hour, and I was giddy... But I was worried … Continue reading 112. Fall Epic 8 Hour: COVID Edition

FOTC: Tiago Varella-Cid and the Burk’s Falls Loop

What's a Chetwynd? Aw dang. My pal Tiago sent a report of a secret new loop, and it looks tastier than anything I've ever seen.  Okay, that's not dang-worthy.  The dang-worthy thing is that I really really really want to ride it...but I think it's waaaaay too epic for me. He calls it: The Burk's … Continue reading FOTC: Tiago Varella-Cid and the Burk’s Falls Loop

FOTC: Bruce MacDonald and the Simcoe County Loop Trail

Bruce MacDonald, Fatbikes, Dad Jokes, and the Simcoe County Loop Trail My pal, Bruce from PEI, rode the Simcoe County Loop Trail a few weeks ago, so I reached out to him for a dispatch.  The SCLT is a 160k bikepacking route that "starts" is in Barrie (although it's a loop, so well, it's a … Continue reading FOTC: Bruce MacDonald and the Simcoe County Loop Trail

FOTC: Barry Cox Reviews a Cannondale Topstone Carbon

Barry Cox, and the Cannondale Topstone Carbon, in the 6ix So there's this guy I know. He rides a lot bikes, he's a heck of a nice guy, he married up, and he's the star of countless memes (courtesy of yours truly).  He also has what many people would call an unhealthy attachment to zebra-themed … Continue reading FOTC: Barry Cox Reviews a Cannondale Topstone Carbon

111. Wohoo. Durham Forest Lives!

A Giant Case of BOOM In 1934, neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield made a Montreal woman smell burnt toast. On Friday, May 29th...WE CAN SMELL BURNT TOAST TOO! And maybe even ride an ogre. Because Durham Forest is open (and Dagmar too)! Wohoooooooooooo! Wait, I've been accused lately of being too optimistic, and too easy to excite.  … Continue reading 111. Wohoo. Durham Forest Lives!