73. DO the El Bandito

My Sincerest Apologies Here's the thing about my blog:  it's all for fun. I don't have bottom line with the blog.  I don't monetize it (yeah, like that would be a possibility even if I wanted to); I don't get free stuff; and there is really nothing in it for me aside from the fun … Continue reading 73. DO the El Bandito


72. Summer Epic 8 Hour

Graduation 3.0 Team Colin took on the Summer Epic 8 Hour at Hardwood Hills (presented by Pulse Racing) on Saturday, June 14, in a Triple Ess of Defiance (Solo-Single-Speed) and it was... Before I talk about the race, let me give some context. Hardwood Hills is never nice to me, and Epic 8 Hour races … Continue reading 72. Summer Epic 8 Hour

71. What Have I Done?

The 2018 Summer Epic 8 Hour (at Hardwood Hills) This Saturday will be my third solo kick at an Epic 8 Hour bike race, and my first kick at a summer jaunt... And my first attempt on my single speed (well, sort of). After the spectacular bonk that was the 2017 Fall Epic 8 Hour … Continue reading 71. What Have I Done?

70. (Almost) 24 Hours of Summer Solstice

Well that was fun. It was my second kick at the Chico Racing 24 Hours of Summer Solstice. It was my second kick at the darkness during a night lap. It was my second kick at wondering how on earth Adam Ruppel and his crew at Chico Racing manage North America's largest 24 hour bike … Continue reading 70. (Almost) 24 Hours of Summer Solstice

69. King Race Series

Hooray for Tuesday Nights! Tuesday, May 29.  4PM:  I have to get home, change, see my kids, jam some dinner in my belly, prep by bike and gear, and then make the harrowing 1 hour trek across the city, and then north of it, to King City, for the King Race Series, at Centennial Park. … Continue reading 69. King Race Series

68. SingleTrack Classic

Two Dudes, Two Forks, One Bowl Team Colin at the SingleTrack Classic! I have to say it.  Phew.  I'm glad the 2018 SingleTrack Classic is finished. Well, sort of.  I'd race it again right now if I could, but the SingleTrack Classic, presented by Pulse Racing, at Hardwood Hills, was my third weekend on a … Continue reading 68. SingleTrack Classic